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Complete Know How of ISA Registration

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The ISA checking is a non departmental public body all created by the UK government in response to the loopholes of the already existing VBS systems in wake of the high profile "Soham murder case". Through it, the criminal record of the relevant person is checked before the person is hired to service specially that of the kids and vulnerable adults.
The UK government has come up with a brilliant idea of safeguarding the future of the kids and vulnerable adults by the hands of criminals through the remarkable ISA registration- Independent Safeguarding Authority. In response to the inquiry being headed by Sir Michael Bichard, which was put up in the wake of the high profile "Soham Murders" that shook the entire England, the ISA was started by a non-departmental public body created and maintained by the UK government. It is a step added to the already existing Vetting and Barring Scheme to crosscheck the loopholes of the above scheme.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

The CRB is the main body and the VBS and ISA are the extended family of it. Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) can also be called an "executive agency" of the home office through which you can access criminal records widely. This process is carried out under the name of "Disclosure Service", for England and Wales. Through it, any organization whether be public, private or voluntary sectors cross check the true identification of the employees working, as well as freshly recruited, in criminal records- specially those involving kids and vulnerable adults.

Vetting and Barring scheme (VBS)

From the year 2009 a fresh VBS checks is applicable with the partnership of the ISA and CRB. This scheme involves all adults in the field related to kids and vulnerable adults as teaching, caring for children, supervising etc. The ISA is handed over the post of decision making body in the VBS scheme. Under this scheme, the CRB is known to run the application process and monitor functions. Once the VBS scheme is started all those who are involved in the "regulated" (those involving direct contact as teaching, supervising etc) or "controlled" activity (support workers as cleaners, catering staff etc) need to register and will have to get their registration status checked. You simply can't "opt-out" of this scheme once applied. Trying this at any stage will lead to criminal offences for non-compliance on both the employers and employees front. Passing the application process will entitle the applicant to a unique reference number. Now, it is on the part of the potential employers to verify the number of the employee before commencing his/her respective duties.

Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

The Bichard report said "There is no known reason why an individual should not work with these client groups". This double-negative concept was put- not because of the reason to clear individuals as suitable for work with vulnerable groups, but instead to scan and remove those who pose a "known risk". The new registration is looked after by a central body that would decide the final approval or rejection of registrations on the back support of the complete information that is given to them by the police and other relevant agencies. The central body is assigned to decide the relevance of the information gathered by police with respect to the applicant.

Online support

There are many websites who are dedicated to these services. You can, not only fish ample amount of information, but also apply online for the identification number individually or as organization basis. These websites can also tell you whether you are eligible for one or not- in the first place.

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