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Create an Unforgettable Evening with the Best Hen Party Ideas

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Your wedding night is going to be one of the most beautiful nights of your life.
Your wedding night is going to be one of the most beautiful nights of your life. There’s bound to be all kinds of pomp and circumstance, with all of your friends and family there, you looking your absolute best and feeling amazing as you stroll down the aisle, look into the eyes of the person you love most in the world, and say those two magic words that will bind you two forever. Yes, your wedding day will be all that and more – but that’s not what tonight is about.

Tonight is about fun, pure and simple. Let your hair down and party it up with your best friends before your wedding day. Hen parties are a great way for letting bachelorettes have one last night of full-on freedom before the big day. Besides, wedding planning can be a bit expensive and stressful (in case you haven’t noticed), and so hen parties can be a welcome way to let off some steam without breaking the bank.

These tips and tricks can help you pull off the best cheap hen nights imaginable.

Decoration Ideas

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the overall décor and vibe of your hen night is lively. Leave the white lace and elegant finery for the wedding night – bright bold colours and dashing displays are the name of the game here. You can buy a whole host of different streamers, confetti, humorous posters, and other such items to liven up the space. For extra points, try to match your hen night’s colour scheme to the food you’re serving.

Incredible Edibles

Speaking of which, no hen night is complete without some incredible edibles to enjoy. You’ll want to be sure that your hen night has loads of sweets in every imaginable flavour. In addition, you can get all kinds of different specialty moulds to make some specially-shaped cookies and cakes for the occasion. In addition, you can buy different novelty sweets to act as prizes for the games you’re bound to play.

Party Games

Which brings us to that point. No hen night is complete without some games to liven up the evening. The best hens night games specialise in blending the off-colour with the colourful to create atmosphere that’s full of fun and laugher. These can involve all kinds of different contests, and it can often be adapted to drinking games for an added bit of rowdy fun. What’s more, the best hen party games can actually pull double or triple duty, contributing to the décor scheme or dovetailing with the entrees you plan on serving.

No matter what you choose, with the right décor, edibles, and party games, your hen night is sure to be one you won’t forget.

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