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Effective Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Restaurant

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The current generation is the most influential generation since the Baby Boomers.
The current generation is the most influential generation since the Baby Boomers. As Millennials of today make up to 60% of the entire restaurant customer base, an active restaurateur should market and adapt their business to Millennials to their foodservice operation. But, it is tough to impress them, especially, when it comes to restaurant marketing. What do they want? How to attract these minds and titillate their senses? Not to mention some of the disturbing thoughts that has engulfed many marketers’ minds today.

However, marketing is an art, and if it is done correctly you are sure to attract the attention of Generation Y and turn them into your loyal customers. So, now the question is how to market to Generation Y? Here are a few tips for result oriented restaurant marketing to Millennial.

Concentrate More on Food Presentation

When it comes to what we eat, where we buy, and how we want it packaged, Millennials foodies are the tastemakers. Today’s generation prefer exquisiteness. When it comes to restaurant and food, Millennials not only expect tasty delicacies but also appreciate the elegant and spectacular food presentation. Remember, ‘First Impression is the Last’ and hence master the art of impressive food presentation.

Create each food as enticingly as possible and present them in classy, elegant plates and bowls like Artistica by Tablekraft, APS, etc. Even table presentation matters a lot, so go with branded cutleries like Amefa, glassware, etc. Presenting your dish in well-designed plates and bowls enhances the visual appearance of the food.

Cut of Frozen Products & Switch to Fresh Options

When you are targeting Millennials, you should be aware that these people are health conscious. Though they enjoy eating out, they always look for fresh and nutritious preparation. So focus on introducing healthier options and alter your menu and provide your guest with nutritional information.

Use Technology

It is a well-known fact that today’s generation loves technology. Make technology your best friend and let people know how you can enhance their dining experience. Make your eatery accessible. If your customers can book a table with the help of an app they will choose over your competitors. Millennial foodies prefer when things are made easy. So use technology wisely.

Reflect Authenticity

Millennial research shows that they prefer brands that have online credibility. So you should be transparent with your consumers. To reflect authenticity, you should know who your target audiences are, what they prefer, and how can you satisfy them. The communication should be smooth don’t concentrate on branding alone and get connected to the real people. Keep in mind; this generation looks for honest and reliable brands.

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