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Email Texts & SMS: The New Marketing Tools

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Text messaging service enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly and in a convenient manner.
Times are changing and businesses are devising new marketing strategies to become more reachable and accessible. The fact, that more people send SMS to communicate quickly and effectively with each other on a routine basis, makes SMS marketing a much in demand marketing tool. Email texts and SMS marketing are relatively new methods to market products and services in a fashion to suit the existing marketing conditions. In this fast moving world, where people are busier than ever, sending text from email and SMS are the new-age methods for faster, efficient and effective communication in business.
Use of SMS Marketing Software to Disseminate Information.

Text messaging service enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly and in a convenient manner, making it a popular platform to reach out to your customers in a reliable manner, share confidential information and keep the customers updated about brands. With the help of SMS marketing software, companies can send SMS in bulk and in a cost-effective manner. The SMS marketing software will facilitate businesses to stay connected with the clients by sending SMS regarding new products, special offers and discounts, price updates and event reminders. Moreover, you can send text from email with no requirement of software. Marketing through SMS and email text is not only the demand of time but also one of the most practical and economical ways to communicate and increase sales. Because SMS is personal, the response ratio is much higher than other marketing methodologies.

Points to Keep in Mind While Using Email and SMS Marketing

• Text needs to be concise.
• As per e-commerce regulations, you must make it clear who the message is from and that it is a commercial communication.
• Choose short code word to send SMS and text from email, which relates to your company, instead of an entire phone number.
• Choose a reputable mobile agency or software program to manage SMS marketing and email texts.
• Send SMS and texts only to the people who have opted in to receive your messages. Sending texts to random cell phone numbers is a bad idea and may fail the purpose of it all.
• Build a cordial relationship with your customers by sending exciting offers, discounts and other promotional messages.
• Do not overdo it. You do not need to annoy your customer base by sending email text and SMS frequently.
• Privacy of consumer details is to be taken care of. Because SMS marketing is personal, businesses get access to many personal details of the customers and it is their responsibility to abide by the privacy norms.

What makes Email texting and SMS Marketing Stand Out from Other Forms of Marketing Communication?

SMS marketing is the tool to suit the requirements of today’s generation. It differs from the conventional marketing platforms because it is a user-controlled media. Here, the consumer initiates the message by expressing consent to receive future communications from the company concerned. This ensures that the customer is interested in its products/services and is keen to establish an association with them.

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