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Enhance Your Vacation Experience : Stay in Sanibel Condos

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Do you know that the tropical getaway that you have been dreaming of could be a short ride away from Fort Myers International Airport in Florida?
Do you know that the tropical getaway that you have been dreaming of could be a short ride away from Fort Myers International Airport in Florida? You need not travel the distance to a Caribbean or South East Asian destination because what you are longing for may just be here in Sanibel Island.

It boasts of the same prolific sunshine almost all year round, white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal blue water. It is similarly unspoilt, but it is just a stone's throw away from civilization. In fact, most Sanibel Island condos will provide you with modern and first class amenities.

The Beauty of Sanibel Island

This island is a top Florida tourist destination, be it for local or foreign tourists. And this is not surprising considering the sun, sea, and sand that it offers. Save for a few tropical disturbances during the months of September and October, the weather is mostly sunny and fit for vacationing. It may be winter in other areas, but it is still a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius in Sanibel Island.

The island extends into the Gulf of Mexico, and the adjacent waters are fit for several types of water sports like windsurfing, boating, and fishing. And the place is relatively unspoilt, so you are still likely to see herons and pelicans fishing for their dinner.

The biggest attractions of Sanibel Island are its beaches, which contain an accumulation of washed up seashells. This is truly a sight to behold. Every year, tourists visit Sanibel to gather seashells for their collection as well as to relax.

And accommodations in this island are not a problem. As mentioned, there are luxurious oceanfront Sanibel condos that are design to pamper you, as well as other forms of lodging.

The Benefits of Staying in Luxury Condos

They may be a bit pricey, but accommodation in these condos in Sanibel Island is an experience in itself. Especially if you are billeted in an oceanfront location, you will have a magnificent view of the picturesque beach festooned with seashells. Other benefits are as follows:

1. Customer service that is meant to pamper you during your stay.

2. Units are provided with all modern conveniences – complete kitchen, washer/dryer, cable TV, etc.

3. A variety of one and two bedroom units to choose from, and even the one bedroom condos can accommodate up to four guests. In fact, it is ideal for couples and small families.

4. Some units even have screened lanais. Combined with the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico, this is very conducive to relaxing and unwinding.

Admittedly, these luxury sanibel vacation rentals are not for everybody. But if you want to give yourself and your family a treat (and you have the money to spend anyway), why not opt for this accommodation. It will definitely add to your pleasant stay in Sanibel Island. Regardless of where you plan to stay in Sanibel, it is best to book early to ensure that you will get your preferred lodging. Arrangements can be made for a weekend stay or one that will last for a few months.

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