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Exercising In Your Third Trimester

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Pregnant women who have reached their third trimesters are often generally tired and the last thing on their mind is exercising.
Pregnant women who have reached their third trimesters are often generally tired and the last thing on their mind is exercising. During the last few months of pregnancy, a woman’s feels heavier and lethargy sets in at this time. However, the best way to jump-start labor is by exercising during this time. It is wise to check on which exercises are safe to take up in your third trimester.

Should you be exercising during pregnancy

The answer to this question is in the terminology of what pregnancy is. Pregnancy is not an illness, but it is a condition. Unlike illnesses which prevent people from taking part in normal daily activities, pregnant women can keep up with most activities that they carry out on a normal daily basis.

Exercising is one of the activities which everyone should keep up with; whether pregnant or not. However, women who are in their third trimester have to be careful about the exercises they choose to do.

Ideal exercises for women in their third trimesters

The one thing that women in their third trimester have to deal with is the feeling of heaviness. When the body feels heavy, it is difficult to take up certain exercises because of posture constrains. Walking, swimming and stretching are some of the best exercises for women in their third trimester. However, these exercises are always advocated as some of the most effective exercises which everyone can take-up.

Women who can still master the strength can take up yoga during their third trimester. Yoga balances stretching and relaxation making it an ideal form of exercise for women who are just about to give birth. You can get more information about exercising during the last months of pregnancy from

What to look out for when exercising during the last trimester

While exercising during the third trimester can kick-start labor, it can also lead to the development of threatening pregnancy symptoms. If any unusual symptoms as listed on are experienced while exercising, immediate medical help should be sort. Dizziness, sprains, severe joint pains and fatigue are some of the symptoms which a woman should be worried about; if induced by exercising and the symptoms last for prolonged periods of time.

Talk to your doctor about exercising

It is always important to have a talk with your doctor about exercising while pregnant. People are different by nature and while some may steer away from exercising, some may over Exercising too much has adverse consequence; which may have detrimental effects to a pregnant woman.

Women who have weak bones, due to calcium deficiencies common in pregnant women, have a high likelihood of suffering from sprains or worse still they could break their bones. Pregnant women should gain weight steadily as opposed to losing weight; women who seem to lose weight as a result of exercising while pregnant should consult with a physician.

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A physician can best recommend the best exercises sited for your needs, if you want to take up exercising during your third trimester. You can check on other problematic symptoms to watch out for from when exercising during pregnancy.

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