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Experience peace deep within you with meditation

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The different meditation techniques not only enlighten your life but also improve your health. They also help you to overcome the burn out signs.
Mediation techniques were first introduced by the Buddhist. Theoretical knowledge of the meditation techniques is not enough. If you practice these meditation techniques regularly you will automatically develop a positive attitude towards life. Patience, tolerance, and forgiveness come along with meditation. You will also be able to shed off your aversions and be rational in your outlook.

You can enjoy the benefits of meditation only when you put them into practice. Meditation helps to:

Distress you

Improve your concentration level,

You can experience calm of mind

Control anger, anxiety, sensual desire, and ill-will.

Enjoy peace deep within yourself

The different Buddhist techniques of meditation are:

Tranquility or peace technique

Breath control technique

Insight method

Mantra meditation technique

The well known meditation techniques are:

Concentrative technique of meditation – this technique involves the practice of focusing all your attention on a particular image. It helps to develop clarity of thought, and inner consciousness. This technique can also be performed by focusing your breath as the later is directly connected to your brain. When you breathe deeply and slowly your mindfulness increases.

Zen meditation –Don’t think about elements such as emotions, sensations, images or thoughts but do focus your attention on them. While meditating stop thinking about your worries and anxieties. Zen technique will help you reach stoicism.

Japa meditation – Implementation of meditation techniques evokes happiness and gift you a tension free life. A particular mantra or name of God is chanted several times either softly or aloud. The devotees of ‘Vaishnavism’ count string of beads while chanting mantra. The Japa mala is usually made up of 108 beads. You can wear the ‘Japamala’ on your wrist or around your neck.

Chakra meditation - There are many focal points in our body which produce energy. These are known as chakras. This technique involves use of various postures so that the chakras are opened. Relax your body, keep your eyes close, position your hands in a specific manner and try to visualize that the chakra is emanating color and is growing in size. When the color turns bright its warmth can be felt very easily and you can feel the emotions of the chakra. The organs of the body seem to be full of light energy.

Healing meditation – This technique improves your ability to solve problems and overcome hindrances of mind. Sit in a comfortable posture and practice this meditation technique. You will slowly feel that light is gradually travelling upward, filling your body from toe to head, and relaxing the muscles of your body.

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