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Fashion addiction

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Bearing in mind that the border between being a fashion addict and fashion-conscious person is somewhat fluid, one should learn more about the matter so as to address it properly.
Simingly easy and pleasurable, keeping up with fashion may be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Trying to follow the latest trends some people tend to lose their good sense of style by crossing the line between the sublime and the ridiculous or simply fall prey to fashion addiction. As a result, fashion victims find themselves trapped in a vicious circle of obsessive desire to look trendy. Vulnerable to faddishness and materialism, they are likely to become ‘walking bilboards’, meaning people who are unable to recognize boundaries of style. However, bearing in mind that the border between being a fashion addict and fashion-conscious person is somewhat fliud, one should learn more about the matter so as to address it properly.

Fashion is a great way to express one’s personality and hence finding one’s own personal style is of paramount importance. Fashion-conscious people know perfectly well how to mix trends and look stylish without crossing the line. They read fashion magazines, follow the current trends and do regular window-shopping, however, it is their moderation and ability to put outfits together that their success depends on. Similarly, creativity, along with confidence, also plays a pivotal role in creating one’s own unique style. In other words, it does not matter what brands people wear, provided that they know what clothes flatter their body most.

When it comes to fashion victims, they tend to hold a mistaken belief that it is solely labels that define one’s style.Used to buying the right brands, the addicts are bound to take full advantage of any opportunity to show off , for instance, by wearing designer wedding dresses at their marriage ceremony. Strongly convinced that the more expensive clothes are, the more stylish they look, fashion victims believe that the outward display of such attires will draw nothing but admiration. However, having no personal style, mixing and matching old and new outfits may pose real problems for them. As a result, reluctant to change their ways and buy some off-the-rack items, fashion addicts easily fall prey to designers, who exorbitantly escalate their prices knowing that customers will go for them, anyway, just to keep up with the latest trends.

Living under the constant pressure to look attractive and trendy, people try hard to live up to this expectation. On no account do they want to be perceived as unfashionable outsiders, and yet somehow, some of them fail to improve their sense of style. Incapabale of determining boundaries of style, fashion victims have a tendency to look overdressed. Furthermore, they find it difficult to express themselves and their personality through what they wear and how they dress, although the clothes they buy are exclusively designer. Fashion-conscious people, on the other hand, show a remarkable ability to personalize their outfits by playing with fashion, colours, patterns and fabrics. They are also aware of their body shape which enables them to be smart shoppers. Undoubtedly, it is not money that determins one’s good sense of style but his/her natural ability to mix trends with classics.

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