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Flowers Associated with Various Occasions

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For each job you need the right tool; likewise, for every occasion, you need to choose the right flowers. The colour of each flower indicates a specific meaning.
“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.” - Henry Ward Beecher

For each job you need the right tool; likewise, for every occasion, you need to choose the right flowers. The colour of each flower indicates a specific meaning. For example, roses come in many colours, and they have specific meaning for each colour. Yellow represents friendship; red symbolizes love; white refers to spirituality, etc. So it is important to choose the right flower for each occasion. This article will help you to choose the right flower for any occasion from florists in Calgary.


You need to pick cheerful and bright coloured flowers while choosing a flower bouquet for a birthday party. In some countries, there are flowers that resemble each month. If you know the birthday person’s favourite flower, you can also insert those flowers into the bouquet to add a personal touch.

Valentine´s Day

Coming to Valentine’s Day, you can choose various shades of roses. But avoid sending a bouquet with only yellow flowers since they represent friendship. You can send the bouquet containing yellow roses and red tulips that symbolize both joy and love. A bouquet full of red roses will be a perfect choice.


While picking flowers for a wedding, you can choose beautiful seasonal flowers. You can choose rich, dark-colored flowers for fall and delicate, pale flowers for the spring.


Again seasonal flowers are the better choice when it comes to anniversary flowers. Surprising your spouse with the flowers they like the most adds a personal touch. You can search for the Calgary flower delivery options to surprise your spouse. If you are looking for anniversary flowers for your friends or relatives, you can also choose a gourmet or fruit basket. You can also choose the flowers that suit their personality.


Choose a few bright coloured flowers to welcome the little one to this world. You can send some of the most jovial flowers with some gifts to give a warm welcome to the newborn.

Father’s Day

You can choose some long-lasting or sturdy tropical flowers for your father on the Father’s Day. Bunch of blooming roses can also be considered. You can utilize the flower delivery Calgary option to surprise your father.

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, you can choose carnations, narcissi, lily of the valley, etc. You can also prepare your own bouquet using fresh carnations.

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