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General Property Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

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A solid infrastructure and keeping the building or property well-maintained is the key to keep residents glued to your property for a long time.
A solid infrastructure and keeping the building or property well-maintained is the key to keep residents glued to your property for a long time. Regularly maintain the property and making continuous upgrades are the specific things that will keep current residents happy and attract new ones. From a fresh coat of paint to upgraded appliances, all these regular upgrades play a major role in bringing in more loyal tenants who can stay in your property for a pretty longer time. Here, we have compiled a must-have property maintenance checklist for property management service providers in Kansas City to avoid unnecessary service calls.

Paint the Walls

The smell of fresh paint and the look of bright walls are very important and highly attractive to the occupants of any home. Painting the rental property every five years helps you to get quality tenants and can increase your property value. It’s the prime duty of every property management service to periodically check whether there is a need for repainting to retain high quality standards.


Carpets are the well-used items of a rental home and collect all kinds of dust, dirt, old skin, cat hair, insects and rotting food. Replacing carpets gives your property a fresh, new look and ensures that the rental property is safe and habitable. Also, be mindful to choose a carpet with high life expectancy.

Replace Flooring

Flooring options of your rental properties includes wood, stone, tile, or vinyl. If properly maintained, these floors can lasts for a long time say 15 to 30 years. If you have a wood floor, then it must be rescreened and polyurethaned every two to three years to make it last longer and look good.

Replace Furnishing

Replacing furnishing can improve the demand of your property in the market place and helps you to easily adjust the rent to prevailing market conditions. Rental apartments and homes with modern and stylish furnishing attract more tenants.

Energy Efficient Light Fixtures

Upgrading to energy efficient light fixtures and appliances establishes more control over home’s energy use. Making your rental property energy efficient becomes a spotlight that helps tenants to reach you with a very good deal. Also, replace the light fixtures very often to meet the current energy standard of properties.

In addition to these upgrades, clean windows often, inspect downspouts, gutters, and other water-related features, servicing and repairing furnaces and other HVAC systems, regular landscaping and replacing roofs can make a huge impact on the value of your rental property. Consult your property management service provider now to set up effective property management strategies and property upgrades to get more prospective tenants.

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