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Goa Honeymoon- Best Places to visit during Goa Tours

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Article enlightens about the Goa’s incredible charm of being Honeymooner’s capital, and gives a brief about the places available in tiny pearl of India – Goa for honeymoon couples.
The tiny Indian pearl that sheds light on incredible three SSS significance, and land where swaying coconut palms rest on scintillating Sun blessed beach, which join hands with immortal endless water of the Sea makes Goa – World’s romantic pearl, a perfect spot to eternal Honeymoon time. Goa Honeymoon tour actually milks an unparallel worth where newly wedded and honeymooners get a step forward to spend a bonanza time of life in world’s paradise where three SSS (Sun, Sea and Sand) stand as a sheer example of eternal love and romance.

Goa tours are rather a honeymooner’s dream because of its beauty and endless offerings adds a new definition to imagination of the couple’s of which a pair can never seek of. Goa is called as Honeymooner’s Paradise because it has it all as its bonanza offerings that covers cobalt blue touched Arabian Sea golden beaches, verdant hills with rich range of flora ‘n’ fauna, and majestic cultural heritage with a touch talking about the Portugal era in India. The biggest advantage of Goa Honeymoon tour is its vulnerability to accommodate its guest all round the 12 months of the calendar with magnificent range of resorts available where stay of couples becomes a pleasant one.

The pleasant Goa Honeymoon tour speaks about some majestic slash of attractions that are as follows:

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach is one the finest beaches located 7 K.M away from the lapse Goa’s capital – Panaji. It’s one of the best beaches for couples to spend an eternal rejoicing time due to unmatched peace, serenity and a paradise affect of the SSS (Sun, Sea & Sand) at beach. Honeymooner’s dream finds it’s beyond imagination spot at the Dona Paula Beach as it’s not only a hub for couples but also an outstanding spot to go for romantic holiday in Honeymooner’s Capital – Goa.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

The word “Dudhsagar stands as Milk stream”, and Goa’s Dudhsagar waterfall coming down from a gigantic height of 2000 ft gives the glimpse as if a stream of milk is flowing down. The panoramic view of waterfall clinches honeymooners from all corners of the globe as it gives such a majestic look which compels the hearts of couples to fall in love at a spot where immortal flow of water symbolises eternal love and affection.

Panaji – Goa’s Heart for Honeymooners

The capital city of India’s tiny pearl – Goa is considered as the heart for honeymooners as it’s an abode to top beaches and Churches (Our Lady of the spotless conception), Temples (Maha Laxmi), Quarter (St Thome) and Panaji’s Library etc. Panaji makes honeymooner’s holiday a worth full bet not only because of it above striking attractions but also due its outstanding offer to shop amid the hustle n bustle of markets, and the aroma of delicious cuisines that give a new definition to trip, and turn Goa honeymoon tour as eternal lifetime experience.

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