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Gun Milan made easy by FutureDekho

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Marriages are surely made in heaven and only solemnized on earth, as it is rightly said. Marriage horoscope and match making
Marriages are surely made in heaven and only solemnized on earth, as it is rightly said. Marriage horoscope and match making are indispensable to marriages in India. A Gun Milan is arrived at to guarantee a pleasant-sounding, well reasonable and victorious married life. It is because of this cause which is why Indian weddings last for years and years.

As we see that in today’s era Gun Milan match making has gained considerable significance when there is a surge in marriage break ups. The hurdle witnessed in married life due to conflict in self-esteem and short of understanding has headed people to believe the significance of match making.

Ashtkoot gun milan finds the harmony between a boy and girl on the foundation of their horoscopes. Ashtkoot means eight factors, which are stated as below: Ashtkoot compatibility is given great weightage before deciding compatibility between two individuals. First of the eight points in gun milan is Varna Milan. In Varna milan it is observed that a girl who belongs to an upper Varna should not be friend to a boy of a lesser Varna. While, a Vashya milan suggests the amount of attractive control. On the other hand Tara milan singifies amount of fortune and inauspiciousness of the two for each other. In addition to it, Yoni milan is basically looked into to calculate the sexual harmony between the husband and the wife. Vedic predictions mentions that sexual harmony has an important role in determining a happy marriage.

Furthermore, Grah Maitri milan indicates the nature, highly strung relationships and matching of views and interests of both male and female with each other. Grah Maitri is intended on the basis of the lord of sign in which moon is placed in the birth graph. Equally important is Gan milan which predicts the attitude of the couple. Gan are of three major types Dev, Manushya and Rakshasha. It is strongly believed that if there is difference in Gan, there will be rifts and dissonance in the relationship. Bhakoot milan basically judges whether the couple will have the ability of gaining health, agreement, pleasure, prolonged existence and success to live a happy life together or not. Lastly, Nadi milan is regarded as one of the foremost Milan from all other eight factors. It is related to the progeny.

Though, the decision by gun Milan is not final while analyzing match making with the help of a marriage horoscope but It has been observed that people with maximum marks of Gun Milan have a very successful marriage and individuals with minimum points have their marriage resulted in divorce. All these Guns have their points and it all adds up to 36 points. Marriage between a boy and girl when a marriage horoscope predicts less than 18 points is generally not advisable while 18 and above is accepted and is considered auspicious.

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