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Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2018

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In 2018, hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity and have become the most preferred flooring types for homes.
In 2018, hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity and have become the most preferred flooring types for homes. Even though there are products such as porcelain tile that mimic the look of hardwood flooring, still most people want the real thing. The reasons why people choose real hardwood flooring for their home is they are,

- Stylish
- Comfortable
- Warm
- Timeless
- Natural
- Long lasting

This simple guide helps you to choose the right trend if you are specifically looking for the latest trends in home flooring in Pittsburgh PA.

Hardwood Floors Everywhere

As mentioned earlier, hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity and many homeowners are choosing hardwood for kitchen floors, entryways, powder rooms and more. Here is what’s trending with hardwood floors,

- Cool colors such as dark browns, gray, light, white washes and more.
- Wide planks
- Matte and satin finishes
- Eco-friendly finishes

Look-alike Materials

Today, there are more and more alternative products coming into the market that mimic the look of hardwood floors. From tile planks to engineered vinyl plants, these products are made to look and feel more like hardwood. These products are waterproof and suits best for areas that may have moisture, water and varying temperature.

Cool Toned Colors

For both flooring and paint, cool colors are in and warm colors are out this 2018. Cool color tones as stated by home flooring companies in Pittsburgh include,

- Gray
- Blue
- Green
- Dark brown without traces of red and yellow
- Bleached and blanched colors

Area Rugs

The demand for area rugs also tends to grow high as the demand for hardwood floors grow high. Installing area rugs add flair and color to your room and act as the centerpiece for a room. Moreover, putting area rugs on hardwood floors prevents any scratches that could possibly occur.

Eco-friendly Finishes

In the past few years, more and more people are gravitating towards environmentally friendly finishes for their floors. The reasons behind choosing environment friendly finishes for hardwood flooring includes,

- Low VOC
- High Durability
- Low Odor

Also, opt for more natural looking finishes such as matte and satin. They are easy to maintain, and doesn’t show any speck of dust, scratch, and dent. ‘

Wire Brushed and Textured Floors

To enhance the graining of the wood, wire brushed floors are etched with a subtle texture. This pattern is the more modern version of distressed wood and has a real vintage look.

In addition to these, solid hardwood floors allow homeowners to sand and refinish floors. Moreover, it also allows new homeowners to change the color and style preferences as they wish. Visit if you are looking for top-notch home flooring services in Pittsburgh.

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