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Home Party/Direct Sales Reps: How To Promote Your Direct Selling Business & Triple Home Party Sales

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Are you serious about becoming a SIX-Figure Home party success story? You will need to track your results every six weeks. Nothing is as constant as change! Direct sales and home party businesses are booming. Direct selling is definitely the wave of the future as the world goes the current economic restructuring.
Dear Home Party Consultants, Direct Sales Reps & Direct Selling Business Owners,

Most people who choose to get involved in a direct sales business do so because they are tired of having a 9-5 job! However 95% of people who get involved in a direct selling business do not get the appropriate direct sales training and as such home party sales are dismal and inconsistent at best. Why, when you are used to having the immediate and simultaneously totally dissatisfying steady paycheck, it is difficult to buckle down and get down right invested in direct sales marketing.

You know what they say nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well did Benjamin Franklin mean when wrote these words in the Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759 “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The idea behind a home party business is that you get to control your paycheck. Need extra cash? Then you know exactly how more home party sales you will have to close to get you the amount you want. Or do you?

To accomplish said feat, you as a home party consultant and/or direct sales rep must know exactly what you have to do to get those number of direct sales that will give you the extra cash you stand in need. Do you know your “closing ratios?”

Any expert home party business owner can tell their ratios right off the top of their head. If they can’t, they are an amateur at the direct selling business.

Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer once said of a given individual

Kagwiria M. who worked with at-risk children, sponsored 8 people or more every single month with a 25% closing ratio (she sponsored 1 out of every 4 people she talked to)! She’s brought in well over 100 people in our time together.

If you are just starting out in a home party business, looking to make a living in direct sales, you should learn your direct selling ratios ASAP or else you are heading for certain un-avoidable failure. Why? Here is a better

In direct sales, the amount of money that you make depends on one thing and that how many deals you close. The number of deals closed translates into what we call customer volume. You the direct sales consultants gets compensated a percentage of all direct sales and home parties profits. Not to mention bonuses for outstanding salesmanship a.k.a volume. By so doing you qualify for the vacations, trips, cash bonuses, an monthly residual income and finally the keys to the pink Cadillac and/or white Mercedes. This is the ultimate external proof of your inward commitment to become a home party success story.

The number of deals you close however, is conditional meaning not guaranteed. The following factors will determine your success in direct selling:

i) Your ability to ask questions
ii) The types of questions you ask,
iii) How well you listen to the answers to the questions you posed,
iv) You ability to overcome objections
v) How persistent you are in pursuing the sale.
vi) Your understanding of the sales cycle
vii) How many people there in your sales funnel
viii) Types of leads you have, warm leads vs. cold leads

Understanding the Anatomy Of A Sale. Sales in not a four letter word, rather it is a 4-part symphony. A 4-part act if you will. As with any relationship, there are stages to be checked off before you buy the diamond ring and propose!

1. Approach & Involvement
2. The Home Party Demonstrations
3. Closing i.e., making the home party sales
4. Follow Up & Follow Through

In many an article I have written I have emphasized the importance of tracking ones’ results. Simply put if you do not know where you have come from, how can you possibly determine where you are going? Knowing that for every 4 people you talk to, one will buy is essential to building confidence and mapping out your success plan.

As a home party marketing expert, I get to talk and work with home party sales representative daily, here are some of the things I hear that are contributing to the dissatisfaction:

*I am not able to sell

*My living room, garage and bedrooms have all turned into a product storage warehouse!

*My husband, my wife has turned to giving me the stink eye as a way of communicating with me!

*My spouse is threatening to cut me off financially if I don’t turn a profit ASAP!

*My upline keeps calling asking me to take one for the team and double my product volume!

*I am tired of buying leads, using the 3-foot rule and talking to dead beat leads!

*My no-show rate is so high. No one attends my home parties.

*The trainings are repetitive, useless rah rah rah rah!

Are you serious about becoming a SIX-Figure Home party success story? You will need to track your results every six weeks. Nothing is as constant as change!

Direct Sales Tips: To truly enhance yourself as a direct sales consultant
a). If it is not documented it didn’t happen so document your results
b). Set goals around those numbers. This is something called bench-marking. The key is always to hit or exceed your bench-marks. If you don’t meet or exceed bench marks…its time to bench your home party business.
c) Practice. Practice contrary opinion does not make perfect, it makes improvement base your goals around your numbers. There is always room for improvement, so make improvement where necessary.

To your success,
Party Plan Pat

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