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Hot Selling Cool Spy Gadgets now at Pocket Friendly Price

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Cool spy gadgets with the amazing features and smart functionality is sure to make task easier. They are handy and also designed with the support of cutting-edge technology so that they gives the utmost performance.
If you are a gadget freak then you are sure to fall in love with the stunning collection of cool gadgets. The gadgets are sleeky, designed flawlessly and developed with the help of cutting-edge technology for high resolution images and pictures. Features of these gadgets are impressive and also would make you feel like a spy.

The cool spy gadgets are smart in their functions that can also assist you successfully in executing a covert operation like the personable James Bond. Each products has its unique features which are indeed impressive. Lets have a quick grasp of some of the hot selling spy gadgets.

Police/ Military Tactical Peephole Reverser: It is easy to use, handy, compatible with most peepholes and weatherproof composite casing. The precision ground glass lens is made from the premium materials to provide clarity. The weight is 1.5 oz and length is 2.7".

Super Ear Directional Microphone: This fascinating gadget allow you to tune sound for a better hearing aide both in outdoors and indoors. It has a handy amplifier that easily comes into the pocket. Binocular mounting clip, velcro strips for attaching the unit to binoculars, stainless steel pocket/belt chip for outdoor and indoor usage are provided along with.

USB Keychain 40 hour voice/ Memo Recorder & 2GB Flash Drive: it is a two in one gadget allowing you record voice for 40 hours and is rechargeable via USB port. It has also 2GB internal memory with capability to record approx 20 hours of recording per GB. Its specifications are Play back on windows media player or free VLC player, USB Flash Drive, internal rechargeable battery.

Cell Phone Sim Card Data Copier Backup Device: Its amazing features will keep record of the phone books from a cell phone sim card to its internal memory. It has the capability to store 1000 phone numbers, automatically sort phone numbers or delete records, password protection, data exchange support between different sim cards many more.

The classy cool spy gadgets are available at highly competitive price. You can comfortably shop for the gadgets by scouring the online stores and find pocket friendly products after contrast.

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