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How Do I Choose The Right Light For My House?

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Lighting is an essential feature that helps to create a beautiful and functional space.
Lighting is an essential feature that helps to create a beautiful and functional space. The right light fixtures can promote productivity, enhance a room’s décor, and also make us feel relaxed and comfortable. However, it is one of the overwhelming tasks you’ll have. Both indoor and outdoor lighting Australia range from statement-making to simple and the light you choose can influence the overall design of your house. If you are renovating and looking for new light fixtures or replacing the old ones, here are a few tips to choose the right light.


Entry lighting is essential as it can make your house look inviting. So, ensure to set the appropriate mood at the front door. A large lamp or chandelier or even pendant lighting can be a great choice. If you have any artwork displayed, accent lights can help you exhibit the focal points.

Living room

It is one of the common places in your house where you would spend most of the time. It is essential to strike a balance in your living room. Consider using permanent fixtures, including chandeliers or pendant lamps, but also you can also consider floor lamps and sconces.

Dining Room

The dining is easy to light up as the dining table is always the focal point of the room. Most of the home owners choose chandeliers to light up a dining room, but pendant light fixtures are also a popular option. You can also add an accent light or task lamp if you wish to light a certain accent feature in your dining room.


It is the heart of the house. As a space that serves as atmospheric space for entertaining and functional space for cooking, lighting fixtures must be planned and installed carefully. You’ll need overhead lights for basic tasks and also extra lighting in areas such as over the sink or the kitchen island. You can have pendant lights in all these areas, and even spotlights are also a good option. While switches are great, dimmers are a better option. It should be used where possible to control the lighting to any task you do there.


Warm light is always a great choice for the bedroom as it is more restful and relaxing. You can choose the ceiling lights as well. Also, consider accent lights to highlight a photo or artwork. Don’t forget about the dimmer switch as it helps to create the perfect ambiance in your room.


Well-planned and placed accent lighting can enhance the appearance and make the bathroom as the perfect relaxing oasis. You can even choose chandeliers to make the space even more appealing.

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