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How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health

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Just imagine having a tube of toothpaste and squeezing the following chemicals out: ammonia, lead, tar, butane, carbon monoxide and nicotine.
Just imagine having a tube of toothpaste and squeezing the following chemicals out: ammonia, lead, tar, butane, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Would you wish to brush your teeth with this paste? Of course not… But each and every day, thousands of people gulp mouthfuls of these chemicals every time they lit a cigarette.

When it is stated as “Smoking is Injurious to Health”, it means dental health also included in that. Along with its direct impact on respiratory function of our body, smoking does create a negative effect on your teeth, gums, and tongue too.

Let’s talk about some of the effects that smoking has on your oral health:

Stingy Yellow Smile: This is one of the most consequences of smoking. This yellowish occurs as cigarette smoke increase the growth of bacteria in plaque. Get the plaque removed by scheduling your appointment with the experienced dentist Balmain.

Damages to Gums, Bones and Teeth: Bacteria build up faster in a smoker’s mouth, gums recede faster, teeth decay faster, and gums lines can be damaged. And also, the level of tobacco and nicotine in cigarettes interfere with the function of gum tissue cells, leaving them open to infection. Compared to non-smokers, active smokers are more likely to get more gum diseases which increase their need for gum disease treatment.

Oral Cancer: Smoking causes lung cancer – We all would be aware of this but do you smoking cause oral cancer and in fact 90% of oral cancer patients are active smokers.

It Doesn’t End Here - The more you smoke, the worse you will get! Recent studies revealed that the number of cigarettes smoked is directly proportional to the effect of gum disease. And also, those who smoked less than 6 cigs per day were three times as likely to suffer from periodontal diseases and smokers more than a pack per day were 3X more at risk.

Worried by reading all the problems stated above? No worries… The good news is that is all preventable by taking preventative measures. By quitting smoking and getting routine check-ups from Balmain dentist by visiting Balmain dental clinic, you can stay away from gum diseases and the risks of oral cancer.

To learn more about smoking and oral health, contact our experienced dentist today!

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