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How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate Property in Yangon

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The Real estate market in Yangon is undergoing a drastic change with many investors and business owners looking at Yangon to establish business.
The Real estate market in Yangon is undergoing a drastic change with many investors and business owners looking at Yangon to establish business. If you too looking to spread your wings in Yangon and searching for commercial real estate, it's always a good idea to seek the advice of an independent commercial real estate advisor who can help you set criteria for choosing the right investment property.

Evaluate Your Real Estate Investment

Understand the different types of commercial real estate out there. Commercial real estate isn't just shopping centers and office space. Instead, the term “Commercial Real Estate” refers to any property used for business purposes, included residential spaces rented out to tenants and raw land that will be developed. The major types of commercial real estate, more specifically, include:

- Retail: These are properties rented to commercial tenants, like malls, strip malls, and other types of shopping centers.
- Residential: These are apartments, but can vary widely in their setup (high rise apartments, garden apartments, etc.).
- Hotels: This includes any type of hotel or motel.
- Office: work spaces for businesses.
- Industrial: manufacturing spaces like factories and warehouses.

Analyzing the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Commercial real estate now offers numerous benefits for potential investors. Some potential benefits of investing in commercial real estate are:

- By investing in commercial real estate, you have the potential to generate significant income, including an annual return on the purchase price.
- Unlike residential properties where landlords are liable for paying rates, such as council, water and body corporate, commercial tenants pay these expenses for you.
- Commercial properties are generally lower priced when compared to residential properties, so you need a smaller capital to start investing in commercial real estate.

Analyzing the Risks of Buying Commercial Real Estate Investment

While deciding to purchase a commercial real estate property, a potential property owner should consider the risks as well as the potential benefits.

As the investor, you should be responsible for managing each property, assessing safety and maintenance issues, and drafting leases. An investor who wants to see a large return should expect to spend a significant amount of time on the needs of the property.

Examine Your Investment Strategy

While some of the residential estate investors will purchase, and then resell a property for a profit within a small time frame, in case of commercial real estate investment it typically requires a longer time commitment. Expert real estate consultants in Yangon recommend that commercial property investors hold onto the property for at least ten years to see a significant and stable return on their investment.

Find The Right Real Estate Consultant

Finding experienced investors is particularly important for first-time investors. Consider the following:

- Do they have experience in commercial real estate transactions?
- Do they have enough cash or credit to help you secure a mortgage?
- What type of investment return do they want?
- What level of management, if any, do they want with the property?

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