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How to Improve Business Communication through Text Messages?

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Text messaging is a new medium of communication in business. It can be used to send reminders of appointments, send debt collection messages, fix meetings with colleagues and business affiliates. There are some factors that must be taken care of while sending text messages including language of the SMS, professional tone, spelling and grammar check and time of the message.
Ever thought you could reach out to your most remotely located customers through just an SMS? Or, did you ever make appointments and meeting plans via text messages? If you answer in negative for these questions, you probably are living in a primitive world. SMS and text messaging is no longer a domain of teenagers and young adults. Organisations are using these apparently short message services in a big way by providing fast emergency communication with customers, reminding people to vote, improving debt collections and sending special discount offers to customers.

No longer does an organisation has to spend on expensive ways of business communication as they can send text messages to their customers, staff and affiliates in a quick and cost-effective manner. The highlight of SMS services is that you can send bulk messages to as many people as you want from your mobile phone or computer. Installing an SMS gateway/API is an effective way of enhancing communication through mobile and computers. You can also use an SMS software to send text message online without having to rely on a mobile phone.
Discussed below are some of the key factors that must be taken care of in order to send text messages in an effective manner:

No SMS ‘lingo’: Terms such as msg, gr8 and other shortened words used in personalised SMSs should be avoided when texting for business purpose. Usage of such terms may confuse the receiver of the message and rather fail the very purpose of sending text message. Stay away from slangs as that make the entire message look immature.

Maintain professionalism: Being a message for business purpose, it is important to keep the tone professional. Use formal words and sentences while communicating through SMS and text messages.

Do spell check and grammar check: Grammatical or spelling errors in business communication should be avoided as that gives a wrong impression about the company. Moreover, the receivers may conceive the message wrongly because of the wrong spellings and poor grammar.

Don’t get too personal: Sending over-friendly messages or using personal details of the receivers of the messages in a distasteful manner can again turn the entire text messaging campaign against you. Do not abuse anyone or send personalised remarks through text messages as that can be used as an evidence against you.

Consider the time before sending the message: It may be day time here in Australia when you send text messages, but the receiver of the message may be in a country where it may be mid-night. It can be very annoying for the person to wake up late at night to receive such messages. Make sure that you time your messages so that the receiver does not get perturbed by it.

These are some of the SMS etiquettes that must be considered before you send text message online or from your mobile. If these factors are considered before beginning the campaign, you will be guaranteed effective business communication which is light on your pockets, saves your time and facilitates global reach.

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