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How to Promote a Small Business Using Tote Bags

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For a small business, marketing teams often rely of the effectiveness of promotional products to get the name of the company noticed by potential clients. Learn how small businesses use tote bags as one of their most common promotional items.
For small business owners like me, choosing the most appropriate marketing items is a make or break decision. Small businesses can only invest so much in any endeavor, and as a businesswoman I needed to prioritize what needed prioritization. My products were doing well locally, I was making a tad more than just breaking even, and my husband and I were planning on launching a small network of niche websites, but that had to wait. We both knew the business had to gain mileage at least in the vicinity, as well as attention from other places and locales. So we took the simplest thing we could think of and had a few relatives who live out of town help. With tote bags and helpful relatives, we were able to launch a marketing campaign of sorts and successfully promoted out products. How to promote a small business using totes isn't exactly rocket science, but it wasn't so easy either.

Totes are widely used in our town, and everyone had them and had use for more. So we figured why not give away tote bags with our brand name on them? I calculated how much I could churn out for an investment on buying totes and having them printed. We're talking very unimpressive numbers here, but they did the job. See tote bags, especially those made of organic material like jute, are pretty cheap, and we got them online on bulk order, so we even had a nice discount. We had them printed in bulk too. Cheap print work but we simply wanted to spread our brand name, so it was sufficient. All in all it cost us very little to have our marketing paraphernalia, and it would cost us less to use them.

In come the relatives-we had relative on both sides that lived in different states and towns, so we had them come on over for a nice barbecue get-together and then asked if they would be nice enough to giveaway some promotional totes for us. In our minds we kept picturing the spreading of our brand name in time with the launching of our first website from which customers could order our products and have them shipped. My husband's sister who was a wedding planner (no, she didn't plan ours) suggested we provide samples and put them in the promotional tote bags sort of like a favor set she usually does on wedding receptions, and so we bought into the idea. Well, it worked.

On our end, many important and influential locals were delighted to receive the cute promotional kit, and many people who got theirs appreciated the product samples and the eco-friendly tote bags. So, how to promote a small business using tote bags? A small budget, nice relatives, freebies you can afford to giveaway, oh, and some advertising material like flyers complete the promotional giveaway set. In my experience, even in our own small measure, it worked wonders. We're doing another one for a new product and a new website next month, and we have a bigger budget for it now.

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