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How to Sell Your Home with an Unapproved Structure

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Unapproved structures are the real problem for homeowners these days, especially when it comes to listing their property for sale.
Unapproved structures are the real problem for homeowners these days, especially when it comes to listing their property for sale. One of the most concerning questions asked by a realtor is, ‘if the patio, pergola or renovation has council approval?’ If you intend to sell a property with unapproved structures, then you have three options.

- Get Council Approval
- Gain retrospective approval
- Pull down the unapproved structure of your building

Get Council Approval

A prospective buyer doesn’t want to take on the risk of buying properties with unapproved structure. Hence, selling a property with an unapproved structure can be difficult, and the property stays in the market for a long time. If you want to sell your property quickly, fix a consultation with structural engineers in Rockingham and find what you can do to deal with the issue. Make the necessary changes instructed by your structural engineer to get the council approval to sell your home quickly.

Retrospective Approval

Here we’ve discussed a few steps to gain a retrospective approval if you have a property with an unapproved structure.

- Contact your local council and ask if you need retrospective planning and building approval or just building approval.

- Get help from a draftsperson to add the structure to your site and floor plan or have new plans drawn up including an elevation drawing.

- Submit the plan before the council.

- Contact one of the best structural consultants in Rockingham to undertake a site inspection and assessment to ensure the structure complies with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

- Apply to the local council.

Pull Down the Unapproved Structure

If you aren’t able to get the council or retrospective approval, then there is no other way than pulling down the unapproved structure.

With a site structural investigation in Rockingham by the leading structural engineers, the time to gain council approval is shortened. They are familiar with the local council’s planning policies and residential design codes that help you in getting quick approval for the unapproved part of your home structure.

The site structural engineers in Rockingham specialise in site inspections and offer engineering services such as drafting services, fabrication documentation, project management, feasibility study, structural desk study & certification. Visit to schedule a private site structural investigation.

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