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How to Use Customer Reviews to Boost Local Search SEO?

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Customer reviews are an often ignored magical tool to improve SEO for a local business.
Customer reviews are an often ignored magical tool to improve SEO for a local business. In the same regard, you would hold backlinksand content, you should pay attention to reviews as any SEO Albuquerque agency that know their trade will tell you.

Google will look at the number of positive reviews when ranking local businesses and the more a business has, the better the ranking. It is also not just about search engines, you can improve your conversion rate if visitors are impressed by the reviews you rake in.

Here are 6 ways you can get a boost to your local SEO rankings using quality reviews:

Promote the Use of Positive and Relevant Words

The search engines seek out relevant and positive words when ranking local Albuquerque SEO. Relevant words are those that relate to your industry. For instance, if you are a phone repair shop, then it would look out for that word in combination with words that show satisfaction like best, good, happy and the like. Under normal circumstances, if you are doing a good job, positive words will appear naturally in reviews.

Utilize Different Sites to Get Reviews

There are a number of sites where you can get reviews by signing up on sites like Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You need to have different sources of positive reviews because the search engines also compile reviews from a number of locations when ranking.

Aim for the Highest Star Rating

Remember you have competition and you want to be able to outrank them. Your minimum star rating should be 4.0, anything below that is unacceptable and never be comfortable achieving just 4.0. This requires that you always satisfy your customer and before you encourage them to write a review, ensure they are indeed pleased with your service. All your local SEO efforts will amount to nothing if you cannot genuinely get top star ranking in the reviews.

Keep Your Best Reviews Visible

The reviews on your website should not be forgotten, you can have Google display these and the stars given by your customers. If these appear in the local search results, the people viewing them are more likely to click your website. These should also be easy to find, so structure them well and keep on a single page.


It will take a lot of effort to ensure your local search helps you put your best foot forward. A local Albuquerque SEO company can guide you with this process.

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