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How to make Mini Spy Pen Cameras Work Better

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In a more general sense,The Mini Pen Interview recorder is known as the multi-function.It can used as a pen and also both spy camera & hidden camera.
In a more general sense,The Mini Pen Interview recorder is known as the multi-function.It can used as a pen and also both spy camera & hidden camera.
It is popular in the many fields. Example:education, security, business, and so on. Additionally,Its elegant appearance can catch your eyes easily. To my best satisfactory,it is portable and easy to operate. It's a tiny wonder in your pocket .At the same time ,only if you can master the LED lights,you can enjoy it smoothly.
In brief, Because of conspicuous form and tiny size, Nobody would suspect that some spying is going on. Color video with voice lets you clearly see who is there &here even what they see,With weighs 30 grams and thick 15mm,it can record video in AVI format with a 640 x 480 resolution. The selectable 4GB & 8GB internal memory is large enough to record and store as many videos as you want. This is just the main function,please don’t forget that it also serves as a smooth writing pen.What is more,it can be used as a USB driver,it can be suitable for any computer with USB port.
Now you have been familiar with the multi-function of this mini pen interview record.However,Would you know how to use it.If it can be operate easily as said. The answer is Yes.It can be existence for the easy operation.You just need to follow the procedure as follows.
Step1:Press the Power on/off,The orange light is on ,After a while about 6s,the LED light will be change to blue.At that time,it begins to kinescope.During it,the blue light keeps on.
Step2:Pree the Power on/off,the data will be saved.Pls kindly be put in mind of the color of the LED light,The lights turns to orange.At that time,it was in standby mode.
When it is in standby mode,only if you need to kinescope again,pls follow the procedure of step 1.If you want to shut it ,please kindly press the Power on/off for 5s.One point that I want to say is that you also can press the Power on/off for 5s to shut it even you are in the kinescope mode.
As for as Up the Record Time be concerned,please kindly plug the pen into computer and follow the time-setting instruction preserved in the pen.Till now,only one seller preserves the time-setting instruction in the pen.
It has many function and easily to operate.But please don’t be careless. In order to use it better,please kindly read the Attention as follows.
Firstly:Please use “RESET”button the push the on/off switch when the situation of system halted.It will work again.
Secondly:Do not switch “RESET”button when the pen is recording.Otherwise it will cause the date lose.
Thirdly:When you connect the machine to the computer with USB cable,please kindly connect to the pen before connect to Computer. In the opposite,when you apart it from the computer,please kindly apart the port close to computer before the port near to the pen.
Finally,please kindly know you can charge it via computer and the charger.
When charging,Both red and green light are on.When the green light is off,it tells us the Mini Pen Interview Recorder has been full charged.You can enjoy it.

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