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IS GPS Navigation for You?

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No matter what your reason is for using GPS navigation, there is no doubt this technology has changed the way we get around our world. The sky is the limit for GPS navigation as technological advances continue and innovative thinkers discover new uses for GPS technology.
If you've been wondering if gps navigation is for you, you've been wondering too long. Global Positioning Systems have many uses- some practical and some just for fun. If you're ready to find out more about gps navigation, you're in for a real treat. GPS navigation can help you find directions to where you need to go, have a day of fun and relaxation with friends and family or help save your life in case of an emergency.

GPS navigation uses a network of 24 satellites placed into space by the US. Dept of Defense to transmit signals that use a process called triangulation to pinpoint the location of a receiver. By tracking the time it takes a signal to be received from a satellite and comparing that with at lest two other satellites, an exact location of the receiver can be pinpointed.

You can use GPS navigation in your vehicle to get specific directions from Point A to Point B, calculate mileage or find a local restaurant or gas station. Emergency response professionals can use it to determine your location in the event of an accident, so emergency help can respond quickly and accurately. Most GPS navigation systems are incredibly accurate by using multi-channel receivers to lock in on the satellites and maintain that connection even in highly populated areas or the most rugged of natural terrains.

The satellites used in GPS technology orbit the earth two times in every 24-hour period, at an altitude of about 12,000 miles and a speed of approximately 7,000 MPH. The satellites are solar powered, with battery backup. They use a low power radio signal to transmit. While GPS systems can produce errors, they tend to be very accurate.

In addition to their valuable use in areas like transportation and safety, many people use GPS navigation for recreation. Geocaching- a kind of GPS enabled hide-and-seek- is quite popular throughout the world. People hide small little treasures, usually with little or no actual monetary value, and then post GPS coordinates to find the cache online. Then others use their GPS navigation skills to try to find the prize. In the spirit of keeping the game alive for others, if you find the stash, and decide to keep it, you then leave a different treasure for the next hunter to find. Geocaching is a great way to enjoy nature and involve the whole family in the hunt. Finding new caches and scouting new locations is a great way to discover the world around you- or a great excuse to travel somewhere entirely new to scout out new treasure.

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