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ITIL Foundations Training: Take your Career to Next Level

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ITIL is another name for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is one of the most widely accepted credential for IT service management.
ITIL is another name for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is one of the most widely accepted credential for IT service management. This degree provides practical, no irrelevant model for planning, identifying, supporting and delivering IT services to companies. ITIL was originally created by CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency). It advocates that IT services should be in line with needs of an organization. It should corroborate the core business function. The prime job of an ITIL professional is to know how to use IT as a tool for efficient business management.
A Short History

The concept of ITIL foundations training emerged in 1980's when the British government figured out that the level of IT services provided to them was not efficient. CCTA is now known as OGC (Office of Government). This developed a framework for efficient and financial responsible use of IT resources within the government and private sector.

Originally ITIL was known as GITIM (Government Information Technology Infrastructure Management). This was different from current ITIL but conceptually focused on same issues of support and delivery. By early 1990s, large companies and government agencies adopted the framework quite fast and IITL was used both in government and non-government bodies.

ITIL Certification

ITIL certification is broadly classified under following

Foundation: This is beginner's level course that gives an insight into processes and relations. This helps to understand the basic terminologies used in ITIL as well generic background and applications. It is an advance requirement for Manager's and Practioner's Certificate in IT management service.

Practitioner: This is specialist level course that focuses on application and implementation of specific process within the management service of IT. It helps in design and execution of processes.

Manager: He is responsible for set-up and implementation of ITIL process. This is for professionals who have some experience about the course and are involved in various management functions

ITIL is presently divided into five core publications that provide a systematic and professional approach in management of IT services. This enables businesses to provide appropriate services and continually ensure to meet goals and deliver benefits.

How ITIL can Help?

The benefits of ITIL training are following

1. Abridged costs
2. Tried and tested process for more than 20 years
3. Easy access to templates, documents and checklists
4. Measures the performance of technical team
5. Efficient IT system
6. Professional approach to service delivery
7. Improved customer satisfaction
8. Desirable delivery of third party service
9. Ameliorated use of experience and skill

ITIL foundations' training has been accredited by ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board). This organization prepares delegates for its foundation course and was formed in the year 1967 currently functions under British Computer System (BCS).Its aim is to provide industry recognized degree to meet ability, competence and performance in the areas of IT.This also promotes career development and gives a competitive edge to employers.

ITIL Needs & Applications

ITIL foundations training is needed by information service providers which can be business managers, IT managers, directors and people involved with IT service management. In the ever revolving world of IT industry, curriculum constantly keeps on changing. There is no guarantee that you can secure a job in IT industry through ITIL training but you have a better chance to take your career to next level.

In order to be ahead in the crowd, ITIL training is must. This is one affordable course that offers wide range of technique and applications depending on what businesses require. Whether it's a product or service, it will be covered under IT and its swift growth is an indication that sooner or later, the one who does not ride on the bandwagon will be left wayside.

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ITIL training is one of the most sought-after IT management prerequisite. ITIL foundations training directs way for a rewarding career in IT industry. This helps to plan, implement and carry out various IT applications.

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