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Importance of Choosing the Right Medical Environment for Your Child

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No parents anticipate that their child will have to struggle with illness, surgery, and hospital stays.
No parents anticipate that their child will have to struggle with illness, surgery, and hospital stays. But, it is a bitter truth that more than 5million children have a chronic condition, from congenital heart disease to diabetes, which limits their activities and needs medical attention.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children undergo more than 2 million inpatient procedures and nearly 20 million outpatient procedures annually. Moreover, 22 million visits a year bring panicked families to ER. So, there is a pretty good chance your child may interact with the hospital system.

Importance of choosing the right hospital for your child

Hospitalization is a scary experience for everyone and for children, it can be especially traumatic. Whether your child is admitted for complicated surgery or a broken arm, the hospital you choose can make a huge difference in both the success of their treatment and their emotional state.

It is a well-known fact not all hospitals are created equal. Good hospital prioritizes the patient’s safety and satisfaction, and tends to have better results. In contrast, bad hospitals make more medical errors which lead to higher rates of complications and contribute to thousands of patient’s death each year.

Recent research has shown that patients who are treated for common conditions at the poorly performing hospitals are 13times more likely to experience complications and 3 times more likely to die than who are treated at the best hospitals. As a parent, you should be careful in choosing the right facility for your child.

Moreover, the right medical facility is especially important in pediatric care because children have their needs and considerations. Besides, children’s emotional needs play a crucial role in how they react to medical care.

Among five million children who undergo surgery in the U.S. each year, vast majority suffer from anxiety related to their surgery. If not handled properly, the hospitalization experience can lead to worse outcomes after the surgery, as well as long-lasting emotional and psychological effects.

How to choose the facility?

No matter how good the physician may be, there is nobody who is more committed and interested in the child’s care than you do. The American hospital directory is a great source to find out the right medical facility for your kid. The American hospital directory by state is a hospital directory where you can read reviews and ratings of top facilities in the U.S. At the hospital directory by state, you will find ratings and reviews of a facility which are given by the patients based on their hospital experience.

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