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Importance of Concrete Polishing for Commercial & Industrial Sector

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Floors in commercial and industrial establishments are constantly exposed to traffic. If you are looking for a flooring option, both form and functionality are important.
Floors in commercial and industrial establishments are constantly exposed to traffic. If you are looking for a flooring option, both form and functionality are important. Among the prevalent flooring options such as epoxy flooring, polished concrete in Kansas City has been gaining ground in the recent times. Thanks to its strength, increased resistance, and lower maintenance, polished concrete have become an excellent option for commercial and industrial floors.

Here are a few points that represent the benefits of polished concrete:


Concrete polishing has a range of finishes and variants that you shall consider. For instance, there are varied gloss levels, aggregate exposure levels, and dyes with different colors. When it comes to industrial and commercial floors, having a low to medium gloss finish with low-exposed or semi-exposed aggregate floor is ideal. Gloss levels for commercial flooring tend to be lower than decorative finishes. This is not just because of the price associated with it, but also to obtain more slip resistance with relatively less polishing.

Less Maintenance:

One great benefit of concrete polishing is that they require less maintenance compared to other flooring options. With epoxy flooring, you might want to re-epoxy the floor once every few years. This is not the case when it comes to polished concrete. With great durability and longevity, polished concrete tends to be a more cost efficient option in the long term. Since no additional materials are required for concrete polishing, it is an ecofriendly flooring option.


Commercial and industrial floors will have to be flat, in most cases, and must comply with certain specifications. The process of concrete polishing starts with grinding, which means we can obtain a flat floor easily. For instance, flattening a floor in a warehouse is important since there’d be heavy forklift traffic. Floors can go uneven in time, which could be dangerous because when a forklift runs over it, the load might fall off of it.

Bonus Read: Hiring a Flooring Contractor

Hiring a capable flooring contractor is crucial when you are in need of concrete polishing your floor.

1. Make sure the flooring contractor is licensed and certified to offer the service. This ensures that the service is reliable and that the flooring will be done perfectly by their experts.

2. You should be asking how long will it take for the service to complete the project.

3. Don’t forget to ask the company if they are insured. This keeps you secure from the financial expenses that might incur due to any damage that might occur in the midst of the project.

Warehouses, department stores, and other industrial establishments are always on the lookout for cost-efficient and greener ways to improve their facility. Concrete polishing in Kansas City is surely a great option that is both effective and efficient for years.

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