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Industrial Fans- Essential for Various Applications

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Industrial fans are the essential requirement of industries and manufacturing units. These fans are not only used to move the air, but also various other purposes like supply combustion air for burners.
In order to provide the relaxing environment to industries and organization, industrial fans are installed. They are very helpful in making the poisonous area fresh and cool properly. Apart from this, industrial fans reduce the pollution and keep the temperature controlled; thus resulting in improved productivity. No doubt, these fans have been in use for a long time for moving air in a wide variety of industries and manufacturing processes such as power, mining, cement, coal treatment, pollution control, oil, gas and steel industry. In addition to moving the air, these fans can also be used for a myriad of applications to:

• Supply combustion air for burners
• Move dirty air streams
• Remove particulates fro exhaust stream
• Ventilate mine shafts,
• Blow coal dust into power plant furnaces
• Induce drafts in kilns used to manufacture cement as well as other materials

It is a fact that industrial fans such as extractor fans are the essential requirement of every industry and manufacturing unit. Apart from using them for the aforesaid applications, they can also be used to remove pollutants from the atmosphere like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfuric acid, metal particles, and hydrocarbon solvents. In numerous commercial buildings where air-conditioning systems are not sufficient to provide the working environment, these fans play a vital role at these places. At the places such as underground parking areas, factories, warehouses and at the places where heavy machineries are used, these fans are used frequently.

These fans are available in different models and strengths. You can buy one or more according to your requirements and budget. Talking about the manufacturing of industrial fans or extractor fans, they are manufactured by using high quality materials in combination with innovative technologies. During the manufacturing of these fans, various points are kept in mind. When it comes to installation, you can get them installed with the help of experienced engineers. Generally, these fans are categorized into two types named heavy duty exhaust fans and air circulators. Heavy duty exhaust fans are available in the range of 300mm to 900mm sweep. Generally, industrial fans are available in the range of 450 mm to 750mm sweep. Air circulator fans are used for the proper circulation of air proper circulation of air in closed environment so that the environment remains comfortable for the people.

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