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Ink Toner vs. Ink Cartridge- What's the Real Difference?

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Ink toner or ink cartridge- when you break down the numbers, the bigger bargain is clear. Hands down- the ink toner is a much better value than an ink cartridge.
Deciding between ink toner and an ink cartridge? There are several things to consider- cost, quality and availability. An inkjet printer uses ink cartridges, while a laser printer uses ink toner. The equipment varies in price and so do the ink supplies. So how do you decide whether ink toner or an ink cartridge is the right option for you?

When people think laser printer, they think big and expensive- and that includes ink toner. Ink jet printers, on the other hand, use ink cartridges, which seem much less expensive. After all, you can pick up an ink cartridge for as low as $10 - $20, while toner will set you back as much as $70 or more, right? While the initial outlay might seem to answer the question of cost, there is more here than meets the eye.

An inkjet printer can produce a page at a rate of 2-3 ppm, while a laser printer can knock out about 9-10 ppm. If speed is your only criterion, then laser is undoubtedly the way to go. While speed is certainly important to most of us, quality and budget are also key factors.

The quality factor depends on what you are printing. Photos? Inkjet is your answer. Text- probably laser, most of the time. If it's about volume, again the laser printer is your pick. For many people however, the bottom line comes down to cost.

The short answer is an inkjet printer cost less than a laser printer. While laser printers have certainly come down in price in recent years, you can still get an inkjet printer for less than half the price. You can get a high quality inkjet printer for around $100- $150. A high quality laser printer will cost twice that much, or more. The initial outlay for hardware doesn't address the whole issue, however. For a more complete answer, you need to look at the operating cost.

Ink toner is usually a more expensive purchase than an inkjet cartridge. If your only consideration is how much cash you put out in the checkout line, and then go with an inkjet cartridge. If you're talking budget – and cost per page to produce- then you may be surprised at the affordability of ink toner.

A typical ink toner cartridge will cost between $50 and $60. It will produce somewhere between 2000 and 3000 pages. That breaks down to a cost per page of 2– 2.5 cents per page. The average inkjet cartridge costs between $20- $30. It will produce about 400-500 pages, costing 4-6 cents a page.

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