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International Domain Names Give Global Recognition to Businesses

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International domain names use the non-Latin languages like Chinese, Hindi, Persian, etc for registration and hosting.
The world of internet is undergoing through a fascinating period. At the latest meeting of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANNI) in March 2011, anyone can use any domain name. For example, the Reebok can go for the domain shoes.reebok. For buying such a domain, you need to have deep pockets to pay a steep price of $180,000. Such domain names might be useful for strengthening the brand of the organization.

Though this internet gold rush is new, using international domain names have been in vogue for quite some time. In the internet jargon, it is called Internationalized Domain Name. The domain names generated using this system are also called multilingual domain names. The system provides one a choice of using characters besides letters and numbers of languages used across except those using roman alphabets. However, the IDN names are not supported on all browsers. Only the latest versions of browsers support these names.

The ICANN decided in 2009 to develop new class of top-level domains to be assigned to countries and other regions working on the similar rules as did the country code top-level domains. The name could be in any non-Latin language observing certain guidelines to ensure enough uniqueness. It could use the characters of applicant’s language like symbols, characters, glyphs, etc. The work on installing IDN country code started after a long period of testing giving birth to the first internationalized country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLDs) for production use in 2010.

As far as registering a domain name is concerned, there are many ways available to do it. If you want to register an international domain name, it is very simple. In fact, the domain sellers have made it very simple. After all, you give them the business. Before buying the international domain names, there are certain things you should pay attention to. It is best if you know the language. Though there is Google translate but most of the time it is not accurate. It might throw in some weird results as it is not human. It is better if try a human translator. Go for names which are used in daily cultural life.

Before registering, you must make sure you are on the IDN page. Surprisingly, many people confuse the country code top-level domain extensions like .uk or .in as international domain names which is not the case which is also true for generic top-level domains like .com and .net, etc. All of these are in Latin alphabets. International domain names are written in various languages of the world like Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, etc.

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