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International domain names: The Uses it Serves

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International domain names are also known as multi-lingual domain names as they use the alphabets of various languages used across the word. The businesses might find them beneficial for localization and promotion.
In 2003, a system called internationalizing Domain names in applications was set up to handle internationalized domain names containing non-ASCII characters. The international domain names are also known as multilingual domain names as they use the symbols, characters or letters of languages which use non-Roman alphabets like Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Greek, etc. As such the domain name system supports the use of non-ASCII characters but various applications like emails and web browsers restrict the use of such characters.

However, the IETE IDNA Working Group said that internationalized domain names should be converted into an understandable ASCII form which could be handled by web browsers and other applications. IDNA has defined completely how this conversion is done.

The international domain names are being used by different businesses to promote themselves. Now the international domain names of various countries are available. There are as many as 55 countries promoting their country code top-level domains (CCTLDs). For example, the Norwegian domain extension, .co. no is available to anyone for personal and business purposes. Mostly country extensions can be uses only by the companies registered there or by persons residing in the country.

However this is passé with the coming into existence of international domain names. The domain .co. no is completely unrestricted. Various businesses would find it very handy. In fact, it is best for those who are looking to promote their business in the Norwegian market. It could also be valuable edge over your competitors.

International domain names are also known as multi-lingual domain names as they use the alphabets of various languages used across the word. It follows the guidelines issued by Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) in 2009. Using this system domain could be in any non-Latin script like Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, etc. The use of symbols, glyphs and characters is permissible. Many people confuse the international domain names with those country code domain extensions like .Ca of Canada or .cn for China. Though these domain extensions are controlled by the respective countries but the international domain name is the name of the domain you register not the country specific extension or generic top-level domain extension like .com or .net, etc.

Before registering the international domain name, you must make sure that you know the language. If that is not the case, then you can hire the services of a good translator. Most of the translating software tools are not reliable. The word or phrase you decide to register as your domain name should preferably be prevalent in daily use. It would prove good for your business or promotion.

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