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Keep Your Ice Machine in Top Shape with these Maintenance Tips

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Several users overlook the importance of sanitizing and cleaning the ice machine on a regular basis. Keeping your ice machine clean...
Several users overlook the importance of sanitizing and cleaning the ice machine on a regular basis. Keeping your ice machine clean and well-maintained is imperative because ice is a food commodity being served. Proper maintenance will not just ensure the safety and quality of your machine, but also helps control your energy expenses and extend the longevity of the machine. Implement these 4 maintenance tips to keep your slurry ice machine in top shape.

Clean Thoroughly:

When you are cleaning your ice machine, carefully disassemble, soak, and clean the components thoroughly. Take out the ice, and sanitize and clean the storage bin. Clean the underside of the machine, as well as the drain lines and the outer portion of the bin. Sanitize and let the machine dry on its own.

Use Only Approved Chemicals:

To remove the scale, make sure to use only those chemicals that are approved by the manufacturer. Using unapproved chemicals could possibly damage the plating of the metal surface. For a more effective cleaning of the hoses, use stronger chemicals if required. Using hot water is recommended when cleaning with chemicals for better results.

Ensure Proper Water Filtration:

As mentioned earlier, ice is a food commodity. To make clean and healthy ice, you need to supply clean water that goes into the slurry ice machine. Hence, research and determine what kind of water filtration needs to be adopted. Proper water filtration and usage of clean water for ice production eliminates health hazards. Using a simple carbon filter to eliminate odor and taste wouldn’t be sufficient. Hence, get the advice of the experts for more help, or contact local suppliers who would suggest you the right solution.

Seek Professional Help for Cleaning:

If you are unsure about disassembling the ice machine components, or require proper cleaning and maintenance, seek the help of professionals offering ice machines for sale. The experts would also explain the proper cleaning procedure that you could execute yourself. They have knowledge on proper cleaning and maintenance, and make sure that they deliver the required results in a safe and efficient manner.

Clean water supply, and regular maintenance of ice machines is inevitable for ice quality. Proper cleaning either by yourself or the professionals will eliminate scale deposits and bacterial growth, thus ensuring healthy ice production. Follow these tips to keep your commercial ice machine in top shape, and to ensure the safety of customers.

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