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Laser Printers- Are They Really Worth the Cost?

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Laser printers are heavier and more costly than inkjet printers are, but the prices have been steadily declining in recent years. That decline is expected to continue, allowing more small businesses and home computer users to afford laser printers.
Laser printers have long been used by corporate America. In fact, when we hear the term "laser printers" most of us think of the huge box that sits in the back of the office and quietly hums while it spits out page after page of documents. Sure, laser printers produce high quality documents, but who can afford them- and who has the room for them? Surely, laser printers are intended for big business and not for the small office or the home office, right? Not so fast! Laser printers have come a long way in the past few years- and they might just be the most cost effective way to go for your small business or home office.

Laser printers are definitely worth considering if you print a high volume of documents – they can do the job quieter, faster– and cheaper than ink jet printers can. So, let's break it down and help you decide whether laser printers are the way to go for your budget and production needs.

Inkjet printers are handy- they sit right on the desk, cost $20 a pop for an ink cartridge and produce a decent looking document, as well as terrific photos. In fact, if photo printing is your gig, then an inkjet printer is probably the answer for you. The color saturation is so intense and beautiful that you really don't have another viable option for printing perfect pictures yourself. But if your printing needs are primarily text, with some graphics, it's hard to beat the quality of laser printers.

Laser printers use ink toner rather than ink cartridges. A single purchase of ink toner will cost two to three times as much as a single ink cartridge costs. The return on your purchase is much higher as well. While an ink cartridge for an inkjet printer may produce between 400 and 500 pages, a bottle of toner will produce between 2000 and 3000 pages. The per page costs runs approximately 4-6 cents per page for inkjet cartridges and 2- 2.5 cents per page for ink toner. That type of return definitely makes laser printers sound much more cost effective to operate.

Laser printers use a drum mechanism to produce the printed result on the page. In a nutshell, laser printers use static electricity to trace the digital image onto the drum and then pull the toner onto the image and transfer it to the paper. Because toner is a powder, rather than ink, the result is much cleaner and more precise than an inkjet cartridge image.

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