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Launch winning market campaign through shortcodes

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Shortcodes is a new marketing strategy that businesses of today are adapting to their advantage.
Amongst the marketing campaigns, shortcodes are comparatively new to the business people as well as to the customers and people in general. But this form of making contacts is fast gaining popularity due to its very simple and impressive method and fast results. If you can master this new marketing tool to your advantage, you are bound to get instant success in terms of rapid increase in the clientele who actually are interested in your business, its products and services and buy them.

Shortcodes are surely having some crucial advantages over text messaging and similar other ways to make contacts with your potential customers and other people who matter to you. A distinct feature of this form of mass sms is that the customers directly contact you from their cell phones anytime of their convenience and from any place. This facilitates them in getting a response from you promptly and they get all the relevant information related to your business. For instance, they can instantly get special deals or a coupon from your side.

When you choose the medium of shortcodes, you give your customers a fictional simple code number that is very simple and easy to remember phone number not exceeding five to six digits. This number becomes you address in the world of text. But this number comes with a keyword of your business. So, when your potential client types the keyword as mass text messaging and sends it to your short code, he automatically gets your offer. For instance, the people will get the discount coupon you are offering on particular products.

The advantage of getting such a coupon on mobile phone through shortcodes is that your clients can carry it all the time by saving it on their cell phone, and there is no need to cut coupons from news papers. You can also track the usefulness of the marketing strategy as you immediately know the numbers of people responding to the number via mass text messaging.

But there are some aspects of shortcodes you should keep in mind before launching the campaign. First of all know that to own a text address is expensive for many business people and there is lots of paper work that you have to complete before the address is approved for you. It may take months to complete the formalities. You may be asked to fork out thousands of dollars as well.

In case you find that the text address is expensive to get, then a way out for your business is to share the short code with others for a different keyword. This way your overall cost of sms api can be lowered to larger extent.

Another way to get keywords and shortcodes is to opt for online text service bureaus. These bureaus give you access to everything that you need to get started. So, you can get all the hardware and software from them in order to start your mass text messaging program quickly. Such sms gateway services for texting make use of the Internet to send the texts from your computer.

It can be said that the texting keywords to shortcodes are steadily becoming a marketing rage and investment in this service is increasing by each day due to result-oriented approach of this marketing tool.

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