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Lawsuit Funding: How Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Pay Your Bills After an Injury

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, been a victim of corporate negligence, are involved in a class action suit or have a pending workers compensation or sexual harassment lawsuit that hasn’t settled yet, you should be able to receive “pre-settlement funding” and get a lawsuit cash advance before your case is settled.
With over $200 Billion in lawsuits estimated to be filed every year, and a Court System and legal process that can sometimes take months or years to settle, pre-settlement lawsuit cash advances are an option that can help you pay your bills, cover medical expenses or make repairs that aren’t covered by your insurance. Non-Recourse lawsuit loans don’t require credit checks, employment verification or any sort of collateral and usually can be approved within 48-72 hours.

Almost all cases in which there is "general negligence" that can result in a financial reward to you (the plaintiff) are eligible for "advance funding". These include all types of personal injury, car accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, sexual discrimination and harassment, workers compensation (in most States), pharmaceutical cases, class actions, securities fraud and cases involving all insurance companies and most corporations. Lawsuit Funding can provide you cash within 48-72 hours after your application.

The funding process is a zero risk proposition. The plaintiff doesn’t have to repay the loan until the case is settled. Because it is a “non-recourse loan”, if the case doesn’t settle you don’t have to repay the loan. As such, there aren’t any monthly payments to make and you don’t have to provide a perfect credit report or income verification. The lawsuit cash advance doesn’t require attorney or court approval and you can request as little as $1,000 and amounts exceeding $100,000 depending upon your case.

The lawsuit funding process is pretty simple:

Step 1

Complete an online form with basic contact information for you and your attorney and the amount you are seeking. A funding representative will call promptly to get some more specific information about your case and begin the official application process.

Step 2

With your approval they will request official documentation on your case from your attorney to forward to their underwriters. Once received by the underwriters they will quickly determine your funding amount.

Step 3

Contracts will be drawn up between you, your attorney, and the underwriters involving the payment terms of the cash advance. Once executed, funds will be sent directly to you within 24-48 hours.

Lawsuit Cash Advances provide a different service for each and every plaintiff. For some it's the ability to remain patient until their case achieves maximum value, for others it's a bridge for vital expenses just to maintain their monthly expenses, and for others still it provides an opportunity to get something today for a case that could ultimately end up with no compensation whatsoever. Whatever the use may be, the ultimate choice lies with the consumer, and in any industry that simply is a positive.

The Lawsuit Funding industry is well established and provides much needed cash to plaintiffs in their time of need to cover bills, make repairs or use for any purpose while waiting for the legal system to run its course. The application process is simple and quick, the approval time fast and the loan a “no risk proposition”.

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Chuck Cocuzza is Director of which, through it's agents, "advances" Plaintiffs immediate cash (usually within 48 hours) against their pending Lawsuit. Our lawsuit funding process allows individuals the ability to ease their financial burdens before their lawsuit will. Visit Bridgeview Legal Funding at

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