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Learn How Squidoo Lens Can Give High Rankings

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Do you love to write? Then Squidoo is one platform to exhibit your flair for writing. If you own a website then this is one way to increase your web presence.
Do you love to write? Then Squidoo is one platform to exhibit your flair for writing. If you own a website then this is one way to increase your web presence. Today this has become an interesting source to bring information to people. It is basically a single webpage that is dedicated to a particular topic.

This can include texts, videos and pictures and links which are searched and indexed by major search engines. This is one way to get do-follow links. Today Squidoo lens has become an effective way for small and large business to promote their products and services to global audience. For this you need to understand how Squidoo works.

When you post content in Squidoo, it uses tags to categorize the content or more precisely it is the lenses. You must create tags whenever you make Squidoo lens. All the lenses are generated by the user are linked to the tag pages and in turn are linked back to other lenses with similar tags. In way there is chain system and automatic lenses are generated. This helps to increase your Squidoo lens page rank because of the link it automatically receives from the tag pages.

Today who doesn’t know about Squidoo lens creation? The lenses created by Squidoo are of higher rank in Google so you can make money from the affiliate programs. In a way this not only helps in promotion but gives lens PR juice to rank your website in major search engines. As a website owner you must know that links from high quality website is more valuable than link farms. These are authentic and help to give credibility to your website.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bingo like links from Squidoo and in this way your content has high chances of getting indexed fast. Article directories allow you to get linked to Squidoo pages with the help of resource box. Joining Squidoo groups is another way to promote your lens and is one of the best Squidoo Lens promotion service.

It helps to generate extra links and raises SERP rankings. Well it is also possible to earn money through Squidoo lens that is why it is one of the most visited websites. As a starter you can create a squidoo lens of minimum 500 words and add pictures related to it. Let us understand what Squidoo lens offers you.

1. Gives maximum exposure for your product and services
2. You get the opportunity for additional ad revenue sharing program
3. Excellent source to get high quality PR
4. With the help of high quality content take full advantage of lenses created
5. Get quality back links for your website
6. Helps to bring in traffic through searchable lens created

Before creating a Squidoo lens, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind. First carry out a thorough keyword research in order to use them in your content. In this way, you can potentially give access to thousands of viewers. You can truly get benefit from dynamic Squidoo lens. So get started today!

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Today Squidoo lens is a popular means to promote a particular webpage. The maximum points you gain for your lens page, the more popularity you get for that webpage.

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