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Major Advantages Doing Scientifically Approved Yoga Ayurveda

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Yoga Ayurveda if done with care, paying attention to the specific requirement with respect to the season, a practitioner gets health and the strength of the immune system that is vital from the point of view of holistic health.
Ayurvedic Yoga is a modern reality wherein practitioners using Ayurvedic teachings gain maximum benefits out of Yogic exercises. In Ayurveda Yoga several styles are incorporated for the one goal and that is holistic health – the approach is to use or give impetus to impart training according to the practitioners' Ayurvedic constitution that may inter alia include health, sex, age, temperament, interest, and spiritual inclination, etc. amongst others. Such a broad understanding with respect to Yoga helps in highly beneficial practice that is cardinal for sound health and mind.

An impetus is given on the seasonal practicing of Yoga i.e. one kind of Yogic exercise is ideal for a particular season and for a particular type of body or personality - this scientific understanding helps in optimizing the advantages and maximizing the role of Yoga in a practitioner's life. The subjective understanding helps not only the trainer but also the practitioner in gaining maximum advantages and reduce unnecessary losses of energy and mental stamina that can otherwise be used for better ulterior purposes.

Yoga done according to the season benefits a practitioner; for instance, Vata practices done in the spring and fall, the transitory period is highly beneficial. The same is true about Kapha practices that are done during the winter season; herein, a practitioner undergoes through meditation and breathing exercises. Breathing and meditation are meant to help a practitioner increase stamina and strength if done carefully under a trainer's guidance. Apart from stamina, Kapha practices also strengthen immune system that helps fight against diseases and disorders.

Pitta practices that are done during the summer season are important to strengthen digestive system which quite often weakens due to hot weather conditions. In addition to improving vision, Pitta exercises, a part of Yoga Ayurveda also helps in blood circulation and brings shine on the face. Major stress in Yoga Ayurveda is that Yogic exercises should be done according to the season i.e. each exercise is season specific and ideal only in a particular season. Crucial factor when considering for a particular Yogic exercise is that one should consider the specific requirement with respect to the body type and the season.

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