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Manufacturers Help Apple Develop iPhone Spare Parts

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Not every worker is as happy as iPhonegirl. In early 2010, a dozen employees of Foxconn have committed suicide
Manufacturers Help Apple Develop iPhone Spare Parts

Not every worker is as happy as iPhonegirl. In early 2010, a dozen employees of Foxconn have committed suicide, a sensation of the world, "Foxconn jump" directly led to a tsunami-like the accused to the "sweatshops" in China, and the reflection of "world factory" future.

In the industry, Apple is a notoriously unwieldiness customers, which is inseparable for habit of designing vice president Jonathan • Ivy and Steve Jobs loves try a variety of trendy materials.

Steve Jobs is a CEO fascinate with fashion material, he is often in the laboratory fighting over with Ivy for the use of glass or aluminum-magnesium alloy.

After Steve Jobs return to Apple in 1997, to make a beautiful Mac computer with translucent colored plastic. Since then Apple has made Powerbook G4with the smooth titanium, two years later with the aluminum material redesigned this computer.

Since then, iMac and iPod Nano and other models use a metallic plating aluminum, this material is to be acid-soluble aluminum and plating to the surface oxidation, Apple helps its partners in China to establish a new factory to produce this material.

Jobs fond of thin things, Apple's current CEO Tim • Cook once said: "He (Steve Jobs) has always thought beauty of slim." Therefore, Apple is always required its suppliers in China trying desperately to ways to make parts thinner. A manufacture that helps Apple develop iPhone spare parts has complained to me, their chip is very difficult to thinner, and Apple requirement is very difficult to meet.

The reporter then called 400 sales calls on these sites, all customer service without exception, all said their own sales is "'Taiwan version' or 'Hong Kong version of" Apple cell phone "," absolutely the real thing, not a cottage, "and cell phone prices from $191-$283 range. Among them, "518iphone website" customer service is connected to the cell phone in that "yourself first," "Hello, Apple cell phone ..."

In a way, Apple's ultimate pursuit of material often makes Chinese workers struggling to cope. May 20, 2011, Foxconn is located in Chengdu, the workshop production of iPad explosion, two workers were killed and 16 workers were injured – which has a deep relationship with harsh requirement of parts of Apple.

Apple loves to use silver aluminum alloy chassis, this material has excellent feel and make the product look more upscale. But the production of such materials for the factories in China is a great challenge.

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