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Meet your Demand of Continuous Power with Uninterruptible Power Supplies

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Today UPSs have become a necessity of every home and offices to combat several power related problems along with power failures. Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide safety to electrical devices from power surges and power failures.
Today everywhere there is a demand of 24*7 power supply, whether it is for domestic purpose or for critical business requirements. Power failure or downtime is hard to be tolerated as this can lead to some serious loses that are difficult to overcome. To combat this power problem Uninterruptible Power Supplies have been designed and manufactured to ensure people in domestic as well as commercial field that their power is always on. Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that provide power to electronic device during the time of power failure and it also protects electronic equipment from power anomalies that can cause damage to the electrical devices. This UPS acts as safety device, which is placed between the electric network and the electrical device that need protection.

Characteristics of Uninterruptible Power Supply

The duration for which a UPS provide protection to electrical devices is expressed in Volt-Ampere. UPS is known for providing power or power protection for shorted duration only so that in the case of power failure or power anomalies the electrical devices can be switched to other source of power. Generally a UPS is able to power the system for ten to fifteen minutes. For obtaining ten minutes power backup people should opt for a UPS with a capacity, which is equal to all the electrical devices connected to the UPS multiplies by a factor of 1.6. Some UPSs can also be directly connected to CPU so that it can perform its own shut down in case of prolonged power failure after saving the work in progress. One should always keep in mind the UPSs do not protect telephone connections and in case of a computer connected to UPS and modem might be damaged if the telephone line is affected by the lightening.

UPS Functioning

Apart from providing power to the attached electrical devices for a limited period of time UPS is also known for providing protection in the following power related problems:

Voltage Spikes - In case of short term over voltage spikes are caused, which can damage the electrical components if they were on running stage during that period.

Power Failure - Sudden break in the power supply for a given amount of time.

Over Voltage - If the voltage exceeds the maximum value that can be tolerated by the electrical components.

Under Voltage - If the voltage is less than the minimum value required be the device to operate.

Disturbance in Power Line - A few second of disturbance in the power line can cause a computer to restart.

Lightening - Lightening occurs during bad weather and is a source of extreme over voltage, which cal also cause damage to the devices.

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