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Must-Have Security Camera Features for Financial Institutions

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Financial institutions suffer millions of dollars in losses from fraudulent activities.
Financial institutions suffer millions of dollars in losses from fraudulent activities. In fact, findings from the American Bankers Association fraud survey reveal that the latest crime cost the industry about $1.7 billion. Over the last 10 years, banking sectors have seen more sophistication in fraud schemes. In fact, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the National Credit Union Administration both require financial institutions by monitored by security cameras.

Video surveillance can help banks and credit unions investigate and solve these kinds of crimes with video evidence that verifies what has happened. Video surveillance in St Louis systems with video-based business intelligence go a step ahead by incorporating powerful analytics that can proactively deter fraud. Security systems like video camera and access control system in St. Louis can save investigators valuable time and reduce case values.

Here are a few of the must-have features for financial institutions security camera systems suggested by the locksmith in St Louis.

Motion detection and tracking

Most of the financial institutions don’t have 24/7 physical security. This is where a security camera system with detection and motion tracking features enhance the after-hours security of the operation. By automatically tracking moving objects, the cameras can even send alerts when someone enters the zone while the bank is closed. While stationary cameras capture only a few glimpses of the intruder during the robbery, motion tracking cameras allow law enforcement to find out more details about the intruder.

Night vision

If you have exterior ATMs, infrared – night vision cameras must be on your top of the list. Night vision cameras can capture high-resolution footage without visible light. Standard cameras are unable to provide a clear image in low light conditions, leaving the ATM susceptible at night.

High-resolution cameras

If it’s been a while since your cameras were installed and you are struggling with low-quality footage, it is time to upgrade your camera with a high-resolution one. As a security officer of a bank, you need to rely on your business’s security camera to get better quality footage of your bank during these situations.

Old cameras produce low frame rates and have limited resolutions that give you grainy images. Latest high-resolution cameras offer a cost-effective solution to the image quality issues and require less work to install. You can even add IP cameras to your existing network to increase the coverage areas.

Discuss all your questions with a locksmith in St Louis who is specialized in the installation of security systems and choose the best video that has all the features you need.

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