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Must Include Tour to Cairo in Your Egypt Tour

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If you are planning to make your Egypt tour in coming months then you should plan for tour to Cairo also. Travel to Cairo can be an amazing and the most memorable experience for you. Travel to Cairo has a number of attractions to attract visitors. There are a lot landmarks that show the grandeur of the place.
If you are a travel lover and want to explore your Egypt tour then you must plan for a tour to Cairo that offers you numerous things on your visit. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt and the largest city of Africa is located alongside the banks of river Nile. In the last century, Cairo came in one of the multi-ethnic and largest cities in the world. It includes some of the world's popular sights like the Sphinx and the treasures of Tutankhamun. The city is popularly known as the 'Gateway to the east'. Therefore, tour to Cairo can be an amazing experience for you.

Travel to Cairo

Your Egypt tour can be the most amazing experience only if you make your travel to Cairo. Tour to Cairo has a number of attractions to attract people across the world. There are numerous landmarks that show the grace, love and grandeur of the place. 'Bab el- Futuh', the city gateway is the most popular place among all of them as it is famous for its majesty and opulence. An another landmark is the 'Cairo tower' offering amazing views of the cityscape to visitors. 'Citadel Fortress' is the place that is the grand collection of museums and visible from neighborhoods in the city. Other great building are the Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx that complete your tour to Cairo as well as Egypt tour.

During your travel to Cairo, don't forget to visit the world popular destinations such as Northern Cemetery and many other essential tombs and burial sites of the ancient times. Except these, there are various things to see in Cairo. You can travel to Cairo's various historic buildings of their rulers - Roman, Arab, Greek, British, Turkish, French - spanning over five millennia. You can do your shopping here also as Cairo is really a wonderful place to shop and grab some Islamic culture.

When to make a plan for your Egypt tour?

Your Egypt tour should be depend upon the weather of Egypt. The weather condition tell you the best suitable time for your tour to Cairo or Egypt as the place gets very hot during the summer. The cooler months between November and March is the best time for your Egypt tour. But before making tour to Cairo, just confirm about the current temperature of Egypt.

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