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Must-Try Popular Types of Pasta

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Who doesn’t like to eat pasta?
Who doesn’t like to eat pasta? When topped with cheese and served with tomato sauce, it smells heavenly and mouth-watering. Isn’t it? From simple spaghetti served with garlic, oil, and chillies to baked classic lasagne, pasta can be simple, quick, and versatile. In fact, it is a cuisine that has been embraced by Australians.

There are different types of pasta which you can order from your favourite pasta, Italian pizza Sydney place. However, with more than 100 types of pasta, you may be wondering which one to taste. That’s why we have compiled the most popular types of pasta which you need to try.


For many, spaghetti would be at the top of the list. The long yellow strands are visually appealing and taste amazing. Many delicious dishes are made using spaghetti in different variations around the world. It can be mixed with meat, any type of pasta sauce, or veggies to make a meal. Unless you are avoiding carbs completely, spaghetti is a healthy staple as it is low in calories and rich in fibre.


It is delicious and frequently used pasta, especially in Italian eateries. Both fresh and dry versions are popular among Aussies. Fettuccine pasta is made of eggs and flour, which makes it delicious when mixed with ingredients like Alfredo sauce, veggies, chicken, seafood, etc.


Fusilli is hearty spiral-shaped pasta and tastes great when combined with any type of sauce, especially meat sauces. The next time when you are planning to visit the restaurant or consider Pasta delivery Sydney, use a spicy red sauce to enhance the taste of Fusilli pasta.


Penne pasta comes in a small-cylinder shape with different flavours. Egg and spinach are the most popular flavours. Since this type of pasta has a ridged surface, it helps the sauce to cling to the exterior of the pasta, giving the customers an extra flavour on every bite.


Macaroni is also a popular type of pasta, especially among children. Macaroni goes well when paired with any type of food. However, it is commonly combined with cheese and meat sauces.


Linguine is thin, flat pasta that is mostly combined with traditional pesto. It can be enjoyed with oil-based sauces, seafood, and tomato.


Lasagne is classic, old pasta made from flat strips of dough. Although it is the very oldest types, it still remains popular. It is layered with cheese and hearty sauces and then baked.

Choosing the right type of pasta and ingredients will make all the difference in your meal. A quick search of Pasta or Pizza delivery near me can give you lots of options. Choose the best that offers different varieties of pasta and pizzas.

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