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No Credit Check Bank Accounts-Hassle Free Bank Dealings

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No credit check bank accounts are specially meant for those with poor credit history and even those who are bankrupt. The account gets opened within days and generally comes with all the facilities available in a normal bank account.
Non status bank account, no credit check bank accounts and poor credit bank accounts are different names to the same types of bank account. This bank account has been spread like a wild fire among those with bad credit history or even bankruptcy. The poor credit bank accounts have all facilities of a normal bank account. Lets get into the details of it.

Non status bank account- complete details

Non status bank account or no credit check bank account can be opened by anybody having poor credit history. A bankrupt person can also apply for this account. These accounts may be operated by certain banks or else some financial institutes. The bank generally provides a basic account to the the poor credit applicants. Through this account one can avail only the basic facilities such as withdrawal and deposit of the money from the bank branch. Other than that no facilities are provided. The financial institute providing the no credit check bank accounts provide all the facilities available in the normal bank accounts. They are as follows:-

The owner of the non status bank account will be issued MasterCard® through which the owner can transact money online. The owner can also use the card for withdrawing the money in the in stores. he/she can use the card equally in most of the ATMs.

The pay-in can be availed at any RBS branches.

The bank account holder will get his/her sort code and the associated account number.

The owner is free to avail direct debit and regular payments through this account.

You can manage the account online entirely.

Daily text of available balance in the account is sent free of cost to the poor credit bank accounts holders.

The personal money manager allotted to you will help you to manage your money correctly.

Online application of the no credit check bank account

You can now apply for the non status bank account online. You will need to fill an online form and hardly produce some relevant documents. The account will be opened within days of filing for the account. And there will be absolutely no credit check of the applicant. For more information kindly search the net.

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