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Petrol Card: Keep an Eye on Your Petrol Consumption

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A Petrol card is a very beneficial device that accomplishes the fuel needs of organizations and companies. These automated cards offer a convenient way of taking control of fuel expenditure as well as delivering other notable benefits.
Considering the growing prices of petrol and the emerging financial crunch, thinking of offering petrol cards to their fleet is probably the best option that companies are adopting in order to fight the menace. Using a petrol card for accomplishing fuel needs is highly helpful for organizations and a convenient way of taking control of fuel expenditure as well as delivering other prominent benefits. Nowadays service providers are offering a wide variety of petrol cards to users that deliver huge benefits to them including:

Very unique, flexible and easy billing and payment options
Online account accessibility to limit petrol transactions
Round the clock customer service and helpline

Another advantage that a petrol card offers is that when a driver uses the fuel card as payment, drivers are asked for the mileage of the vehicle and registration number to complete the transaction process. Authorities also ask for their signature. This depends upon the type of card they have chosen. Petrol cards that fleet owners use contain a number of prominent security features to prevent any potential threat against card misuse.

The features of a petrol card depends from provider to provider. Some cards have the name inscribed on it along with the company name and the vehicle registration number. This helps to combat any misuse of the card. The management report made on the basis of these identifications to ensure that is only paying for the petrol they use and not funding anything unnecessary for their driver's personal use.

Since the companies provide these services on large basis, they link major retail networks to allow major business benefits to users across the network. These cards also offer several additions in management reporting including:

Option to view current and previous invoices in pdf format
Improved management accounting
Keep vigil on transactions without invoices and monitoring the fuel uses
Analyzing your fuel bills with updated prices
Stopping, canceling and ordering cards in case fraud

In addition to all above, service providers offer round the clock web access. They may also use this round the clock access to order new cards and stop existing ones.

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