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Plumbing Leaks That Needs Professional Intervention

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If you are reading this article, chances are you have noticed something wrong with your water lines.
If you are reading this article, chances are you have noticed something wrong with your water lines. Did you get your water bill only to find out that it was higher than your previous month? Or, have you found a patch of wet walls? Well, leaky pipes are dangerous, and they can turn into a huge mess any time if ignored.

Most of you might not be aware of the network of supply and waste lines throughout your house that bring water in and carry it out. Mostly, this network functions as it should be. But, when there is a leak, you have got trouble. While you can fix the leaks, some of the leaks on your plumbing system are hard to detect and also diagnose. Therefore, it is best to call in a professional Plumber Toowoomba to fix the leaks.

Here we have listed a few types of leaks where a plumber is the right person to deal with it.

Buried Sewer Line

Sewer lines are buried, and they are difficult to dig up without damaging the whole system. Besides, breaking a concrete basement floor requires heavier tools and safety in following proper excavation process is a mandatory skill set. Also, all jurisdictions permits are necessary, and a licensed Plumber Toowoomba must only perform the task. If you find soggy spot on your lawn or unexplained water on concrete areas such as the walkway or driveway if the lines under in it, it is a tell-tale sign that there is something wrong with the sewer line. A leaky sewer line is a health hazard, and it is advisable to get help from a plumber as they only know to detect the leak and fix it without causing any structural damages.

Copper Supply Lines

If you have got leaky copper pipelines, you probably need a plumber. PVC lines are common, and it is easy to fix the leaks. But, it is not with the copper pipes. Copper pipes are fitted and sealed by soldering, and it is a special skill set that requires tools, supplies, and training. Soldering is not as simple as it looks. If it is not done right, you’ll ruin the entire pipelines. Hence, it is wise to let the plumber deal with the copper pipes.

Natural Gas Leak

If you found gas leaks, you should call your utility company and then contact a professional plumber who is specialised in gas installations Toowoomba QLD for repair. If you can locate the shut-off valve, turn off the gas supply as soon you smell a leak. Leaks in gas plumbing are not something you have to experiment with as they are dangerous.

Leaks are common, and it can happen at any time around your house. However, any leaks should be fixed by a professional.

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