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Portable GPS- Your Ultimate Travel Guide

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Portable GPS system is a device that provides step by step direction to the drivers. Installed in the car dashboard it works by receiving a signal from satellite to determine the position of the vehicle in which it is installed. The signal is then identified on preloaded road maps that help in providing directions to drivers.
Navigating through the way of city or town is not an easy task and especially if the city is new to the person driving the car. Helping people out of this problem and other road problems such as traffic jam etc., a portable GPS system has proved to be quite handy in the last few years. Portable GPS navigating system is attached to the car dashboard and it provides step by step directions, helping one to reach the destination. A person just has to enter the address towards which he is moving and the portable GPS will easily help to reach the desired location. With the help of this device one can easily reach to any location in a town or city even if he is coming to the city for the first time. The benefits and advantages of portable GPS system just not end here it also proves to be helpful when one gets diverted from his route, and it is also helpful in avoiding traffic jams.

Portable GPS navigation systems are available in different sizes and price and according to the price the quality of the GPS depend. One should always be careful while buying portable GPS system as there are different brand and quality of GPS available in the market. Customers always have to keep few factors in mind to narrow down one choice of portable GPS. Some of the highlighting features that one should look for while buying portable GPS navigation system that will help the fleet to best utilize the system include:

• Navigation Functionality of the GPS- Users should always focus on the entire functionality of the device and should do enough research on the rating of other users on its features and mapping coverage.

• Built-in Battery- Users should also check for the backup provided by the battery on one charge. A good battery backup will at least operate for four hours on one charge.

• Speech Capability- UPS portable navigation system that speaks street names rather than directions proves to be quite helpful for drivers in negotiating an unfamiliar area. This feature of portable GPS also helps drivers to concentrate more on the road rather looking on the screen map every time.

• Unit Size- Unit size of the GPS should be carefully analyzed as a much smaller and bigger unit should not be preferred. A 3.5 inch screen is considered as the standard size of the portable GPS navigation system.

Today's all brands and types of portable GPS navigation system are available with price tags and one can easily choose one GPS system according to one own budget.

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