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Post Office Uniforms And Clothing Through The Years

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In many respects, postal uniforms have been integral in the evolution of today’s mail service.
In many respects, postal uniforms have been integral in the evolution of today's mail service. They provide an identity to an occupation with a history of service and dedication, and it is a honor to those mailmen and mailwomen who have come before. They have been a medium between two distanced people.

They stood firm and dispersed happy and sad news equivalently to the people since time immemorial and has always been an integral part of society. Although USPS (postal service) uniforms have changed dramatically over the two hundred and thirty years of mail service in the United States, today's Postal Service uniform remains important and iconic.

A Brief History

Even though the postal service began operating many years earlier, it was not until 1868, following legislation approved by Congress, that the first post office uniforms were issued to postal workers. The first uniform was a blue-gray colored single-breasted long coat that extended to between the hip-bone and knee. There were two side pockets and a third on the left chest. The buttons were made of decorative brass, displaying the department seal, and were sewn from the neck down the length of the coat. The pants were made of the same material, and had a black broadcloth stripe down the length of the leg. A cap and vest with seven matching brass buttons completed the look.

Twentieth Century Changes

Postal clothing experienced several changes at the start of the twentieth century, when, in 1901, permission was given for employees to wear a neat, gray colored shirt during warmer weather instead of a coat. In the 1920s, a newly designed postal badge was introduced and the color of the gray shirt was changed to a shade of blue.

From the 1930s through the 1950s, USPS uniforms underwent a distinct change as employees were permitted to wear a sweater instead of the coat. This sweater was later developed into a jacket with a ziper. Additionally, in hot weather, employees were allowed to wear shirts with elbow length sleeves. A jacket with an "Eisenhower style" was introduced during 1947 as was a safari style pith helmet.

Uniforms for Female Postal Workers

It was not until 1955 that a uniform for female postal employees was developed. This female postal uniform was similar to its male counterpart, except that it came in a skirt. During the 1970s, new blue uniform shirts for women were introduced. These displayed the postal logo with an eagle incorporated into its design. Knee length shorts and black knee-length hose were also introduced.

Modern Times

The decade of greatest transformation in postal clothing was the 1990s, and many of these changes are still in effect today. The color of clothing was changed to navy blue, and baseball caps with the new eagle logo and visors were approved. During this time, USPS uniforms with alternating stripes of postal red and blue also became part of the uniform.

Today's postal employees wear distinctive blue-gray pants or shorts with a black stripe. The uniform helped the employee to integrate in themselves and this led to a strong bonding among all.

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