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Prepare Your Backyard For The Worst Winters With The Help Of A Minneapolis Lawn Service

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Winter is often harsh in Minneapolis. Lawn care is crucial if you would like your yard looking great when spring comes. Do not leave this undertaking until the last minute. You will need to be all set ahead of the first snowfall.
A newly manicured lawn is usually a welcome sight. There is nothing better than seeing perfectly trimmed grass for most of the year. Retaining this, however, takes time and effort. This is more evident over the long winter months. Getting the garden back to life after this period can be challenging. You can do this with the help of a Minneapolis lawn service company. Always get in touch with one before the cold shows up and the ground freezes over. Below are a few simple tips you can do yourself.

Rake those leaves up

Autumn is a really wonderful season. The leaves are a brilliant shade of red, gold, brown, and orange. While freshly fallen leaves are pleasant to look at, never leave them there. Rake them up. Leaving them on the lawn stops the grass from getting the air and nutrition it needs. Left alone, your grassy lawn may die a slow death with limited air supply. A few left on the floor is alright. A Minneapolis lawn care consultant will advocate leaving a small pile in your yard. The reason is that it can become fertilizer and is adequate to help keep things healthy throughout the wintry months.

One last mower job then aerate

Prior to packing everything away, bring the mower out for one last job. Trim your grass a bit shorter than usual. It is because lengths more than two inches often trap moisture and may lead to disease during the spring months. As soon as you have done so, your next task is to aerate the soil. To get this done, you'll need the assistance of a Minneapolis lawn service. They will have the machinery that could enter soil, pull small plugs of dirt out, and enable oxygen to get to the grass. If you wish to do this yourself, it's possible to rent the gear from a home improvement store.

Simple lawn care - seed, fertilize, water

Apply grass seeds on bald spots or sparse areas after aerating. This allows seeds to germinate in cooler temperatures. At the same time, it decreases the number of weeds that could sprout alongside anything you have planted. Once your seeds have had sufficient growing time, apply a slow releasing fertilizer. Choose a nutrient-rich formula made for winterizing. This guarantees your grass grows even when it's cold. Last step will be to water everything in order to set-off the fertilizer.

Check your sprinklers thoroughly

Homeowners who have underground sprinkler systems must check them thoroughly. Be sure that these are properly drained, especially if you reside in a place as cold as Minneapolis. Lawn service personnel highly recommend doing this ahead of the start of winter. Water left underground expands when frozen. This could cause your pipes to burst, explode, and spill water on your yard.

Planning ahead for winter goes quite a distance towards a healthy yard in the spring. Remember these few easy steps and you'll be met with with lush, green grass when spring arrives at last.

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