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Printers- Efficiently Transferring Electronic Texts and Images into Paper

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Printer, a useful gift of latest technology, has made life easier for many individuals and business people. It is used to create a hardcopy of electronic texts or images. Canon and HP are some renowned brand of printers available in the market. Printers are broadly categorized into two types called as laser and inkjet printers.
Technology advancement has gifted us with many surprisingly important products and gadgets that have today become the main crux of the business. Among the various products and gadgets introduced in the market printer is one such device that has certainly helped computers to achieve its due respect among the users. As a printer is the most vital hardware associated with computer, which is used to create a hardcopy of a document or image that is created electronically by a computer. Today printers can even be attached to scanner or digital camera to take out the hardcopy of image or document. The increase use of printers in the home and office has forced many companies to come into the field of printer manufacturing. Thus, today there are many companies that have come out with extensive varieties of printers. Some of the popular brands of printers include Canon, HP, and Lexmark.

Types of Printers

Printers are majorly divided into broad categories of printers known as laser printers and inkjet printers. Choosing a right printer is a daunting task as several factors have to be taken into consideration while choosing a right printer. Quality of print, speed and price are the vital features of printers however, several other factors should also be taken care of like the print requirement, things to be print out, and the color print is required or not. These factors help in deciding and choosing a right printer according to one use.

Difference between Laser and Inkjet Printers

There are huge differences between laser and inkjet printers and it is according to the print requirement that one choose the printer. Laser printers are known for producing crisp and speedily print the text documents. Whereas inkjet printers are known for producing long lasting and high quality photographs but the text printout is not so crisp and of best quality. Thus, inkjet printers are mostly preferred when there is requirement of printing high quality photos and text printing is not much required. The speed of inkjet printers are slow compared to laser printers thus for speedily printing laser printers are preferred over the inkjet printers.

Highlighting features of Laser and Inkjet Printers

There are some highlighting features of both laser and inkjet printers and user can choose according to their specific requirements. One cannot say that laser printer is good over inkjet printers or inkjet printers are good over laser printers but it the specific requirement of individual that can help them to decide on the best printer.

Features of Laser Printer include:

• High Quality Text Printout
• Crisp Text Printout
• High Speed Printing
• Per Page Printout at Low Cost

Features of Inkjet Printers include:

• High Quality Photograph Printing
• Superior Color Accuracy and High print Resolution
• Suitable for Light printing Needs
• Low Cost Printer

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