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Reasons You Need to Take Your Ring for Prong Repair

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Jewelry, especially rings are very expensive and once bought most people do not actually care about any maintenance thereafter.
Jewelry, especially rings are very expensive and once bought most people do not actually care about any maintenance thereafter. The only form of maintenance that it gets is a little cleaning occasionally. Not to say it is right but that mentality is a great threat to the durability of the jewelry. It is best that every six months or so you take your jewelry for a ring and prong repair at jewelry stores in Albuquerque. Your jewelry is never going to last with all the wearing and removing without any repairs or maintenance. Below are the reasons why you need to take your jewelry for prong and ring repair.

Prongs and Why They Need Repair

The term prong may seem a sophisticated name for a very simple part. Prongs are the small metal bits that help hold the jewelry rocks in place especially on rings. Prongs are mostly made of silver and at times gold. The metal can wear down with time and in worse case scenarios end up snapping off. Remember the rock being held in place can be very expensive and you do not want to lose due to lose prongs. Lucky for you prongs can be repaired and look as good as new. Here is what the repair process entails.

The Evaluation

There are several factors that Albuquerque diamond jewelers consider before commencing any form of repair on the ring. They first have to find out what metals were used to make the prongs and the ring as well. Remember different types of metals have varying heating requirements needed. The prongs are then counted to know how many are missing or needed to hold the precious rock in place safely. The jeweler also finds out whether re-tipping or full replacement is needed for the prong repair.


Upon ascertaining the above factors, the jeweler is then set to proceed with the repair process. Re-tipping which is the most common form of prong repair would require adding of metals to the prong. This lengthens the prong and improves its ability to hold to the center gem. The metal is joined to the prong through the use of solders that act like glue during the attachment process. The additional metal and the solder both have to be of the same material as the original prong. Replacing prongs is almost similar as re-tipping only that the jeweler will be required to use lengthy metals to create new prongs to hold the rock in place.

Finishing Touch

Finishing is the after-work done to the ring after the jewelry repair in Albuquerque is complete. It may include polishing and even clean finishing is all intended to restore the ring to its previous signature look.

Cost of Doing Prong Repair for Rings

The cost of repair is dependent on certain aspects. The extent of damage sustained also affects the pricing set by jewelry repair in Albuquerque as more materials needed will mean a higher repair cost.

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